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14th Wednesday Scouts Kick-Off #YouShape Month

Posted on Monday, February 6th, 2017

14th Highfield Weds PLs spent this weekend at Lyons Copse for a PL/APL ‘training’ camp organised by County.

It was an exceptionally well organised and structured weekend where each Troop was split up into smaller groups of 7, each with a facilitator to help guide ideas etc. YLs and some of the County team ran mini workshops on developing skills in teamwork, leadership, communication, promoting positive behaviour and running activities safely. Each activity was split up into 30/40 minute chunks separated by a break/game/run around time.

Each Scout got the chance to lead on a task (for example: building a bridge out of newspaper, organising people into height order for a game, running a game etc.) The theory behind the skill/activity was presented, the kids then had a series of tasks to complete to work on that skill, for example one of the ‘teamwork’ tasks was to build a tower out of newspaper and sellotape – they had to decide if someone was going to take charge (leadership), any ideas of how to complete the task (teamwork and communication) and then do the task (again communication, teamwork and leadership). After each task, the group’s facilitator gave them structured feedback as to how they did. The kids then got the chance to review the activity and occasionally repeat it with a different leader/idea.

Saturday evening was dedicated to a PL forum with their leader (or someone from County if they came without a leader) where we talked about what problems PLs may face back in their Troops, ideas that they’d like to see implemented, how their leaders can help them and vice-versus. We also discussed 5 challenges that the PLs will be responsible for between now and next year. Some suggestions: PLs running a number of evenings; running games at the start of the evening and teaching their Patrols how to tie a friendship knot.

Overall a fabulous weekend – would 100% recommend to any leaders thinking of developing their PLs/APLs ‘soft skills’!

Have a look what we got up to!