How do I join Young Leaders?

Contact Iain (above), and come along to one of our meetings.  Come along at 7:30 to start your Module A (essentials) training.

What is Module A?

Module A is the first part of your Young Leader training, and covers the basics you need as a Young Leader to start helping at a section.  You need to cover this within three months of becoming a Young Leader.  In Southampton, we run this at the start of the Young Leader monthly meeting, and it takes two meetings to complete.  You need to complete module A to be a Young Leader or a Duke of Edinburgh helper.

When you complete your module A, you receive this Young Leader badge to wear on your Explorer uniform.


I know where I want to help, is that OK?

Yes!  Please discuss it with the section leader, to make sure they are happy to accept you, and that they have enough space (sections can usually only accomodate a certain number of young leaders).  Then contact Iain (above), and come along to a meeting!

I don’t know where I want to help, but I want to be a Young Leader – is that OK?

Yes!  Please get in contact with Iain (above), and he’ll put you in touch with a section that needs help.

I already attend an Explorer unit, is it OK to also be a Young Leader?

Yes!  Young Leaders can be members of both an explorer unit (where they are a participant), and join the Young Leader unit (where they train to be a Young Leader), and help out with a section (as part of the leadership team).

Some Young Leaders decide just to be a Young Leader, and not participant in an Explorer Unit.  This is OK too.

I’m just about to leave scouts, can I start being a Young Leader straight away?

Yes!  You can start your Young Leader Training straight away with the Young Leader unit, and if you are planning to join a Beaver or Cub unit, you can join them as soon as you are ready.  If you want to help with a Scout Troop, you may start the training immediately, but must have a six-month break before you return to the Scout section as a Young Leader.  Contact Iain if you want to help somewhere else in the meantime.

I can’t come on a Thursday night – how to I do my module A?

Please contact Iain about this.  We run right through the holidays, when many other clubs/committments finish, and this allows a lot of people to be occaisional attendees at the Young Leader Unit, while maintaining their other interests, and we can be flexible if needed to ensure that a new Young Leader can complete their Module A.

I’m a section leader – how do I know if my young leader is attending the Young Leader unit and has completed module A?

Please contact Iain – he will confirm registration and attendance if needed, and help you out with any other queries/problems you may have regarding young leaders.  No question is too silly (even down to sleeping arrangements for camps/holidays, what can a YL do, ratios etc), someone else will have asked it before!