Explorers @ Home

The competition is on!

Season 2: Week 1

Deadline Monday 18th May at 12:00pm

How to submit

To submit your photos or videos you can either send them to your units instagram page or you can email them to taskmaster@southamptoncityscouts.org.uk


Route to wherever

Plot a route card for a route starting from the scout hut to somewhere of your choosing that includes as many of something of your choice. The maximum route length is 7.5km. This is a useful skill for you to master especially if you’re planning on doing DofE or other expeditions with Scouts or outside of scouts. You’ll be judged on how well you route card is written as well as how many of the thing you can get onto your route. There’s also bonus points for anyone who walks their route.


Celebrate VE day

Host a street party in your house where you celebrate VE day. Eat all the cake and have fun! Send us a photo of your amazing party. If you can’t get your family involved try a virtual one with fellow explorers or some toys you have lying around the house!

Week 6: This weeks challenges


May the 4th be with you!

Channel your inner jedi and make something move with just your mind. Take a video of your accomplishment. The moving of something could be fully in-camera or you can use some editing effects. The most impressive use of the force wins!


Sign it out!

Send a message to someone else without talking or writing it down. Use your imagination! Best method wins.

Week 5: Monday 4th May


Reach for the Moon!

This is a two part challenge! Firstly hike a mile in support of The Scouts – Hike to the Moon!. Once you’ve done that, the second part of your challenge is to get an object as close to the moon as you can! Be that with a kite, throwing something up in the air or something even more creative! Please ensure you stay safe whilst doing it and get an adult to supervise if it might be risky.


William Recreate-speare

To be, or not to be? You’re activity is to recreate one of Shakespeare’s plays, either physically, virtually or something else. Be as creative as you can! If you work (virtually, no meeting up in person) as a team with another explorer you will both receive the points if you are in the top 3.

This is the leaderboard for the Explorers SCOUTMASTER challenges. Every week this will be updated with the latest scoresChallenge

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