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Scouts and Explorers… How about attending an Expedition to Uganda in 2019?

Posted on Sunday, February 26th, 2017

Do you know a Scout or Explorer Scout in Hampshire that you think would be interested in an international expedition and are currently 12 years or older? If so please pass on these details to them.


Exped LeafletWe are looking for 18 scouts/explorer scouts to join our 6 leaders on this amazing expedition to Uganda & Kenya for approx. 3 weeks in August 2019.
We will be camping with local scout groups, painting a local school, visiting water wells that we have fundraised to protect and running joint scouting activities with the local scouts.
All that is before we start our “holiday” part of the trip and move from the Masindi area to Jinja where we will have the chance to go White water rafting on the Nile or on a Quad bike safari along the Nile.
Then we travel into Kenya for a 2 day safari within the Massai Mara before travelling to Nairobi and visiting some animal sanctuaries, before heading home.


To meet the minimum age requirement members will have to have been born before June 2004.
If selected not only will they take part in all the activities during the expedition but they will have the opportunity to complete a variety of badge work elements during the training sessions as well as during the trip which we will keep a log of and pass on to their Section Leader.


Trip fees will be around £3,200.00 (this includes all UK training and contingent kit, but not transport costs to UK training)  It is difficult to give a definitive fee at this early stage.
Fundraising commitment£150.00 (approximate).  This is to cover the project work, scouting activities in Masindi and the funding of 2 water wells. The amount is dependent on gift aid re-claimed on the trip fees.
Personal costs – it can vary from £150 to £800  This is a difficult one to fix a figure to as it will depend on what kit you already have, immunisations needed, medication, spending money etc.

Further Information

Closing date:
Applications & References to be received by 14th July 2017

For more information about the trip, fundraising / team commitments & how to apply, please look at all the information provided on our website, you can also contact us and ask any further questions.

Why I’m Proud to be a Scout – A Message for Founder’s Day

Posted on Wednesday, February 22nd, 2017

Today is Founder’s Day – the birthday of the man who founded the worldwide Scout Movement – his name is Lord Robert Baden Powell.

You may think all I do each week is stand around in a silly uniform with a rolled triangle around my neck singing ‘ging gang goolie goolie’ with a bunch of children, nah – Scouting today is SO much more than that…

We make fire. We whittle sticks. We cook in the ground. We grow in confidence. We learn from each other. We teach others. We create memories. We as adults shape the way kids look at the world and how they interact with others. We’ve even taught them lifeguarding skills and how to use saws and drills! We camp – it’s not just a weekend away in a smelly muddy field – it’s a weekend of adventure without your family. A weekend where kids and adults alike can be themselves and try new things.

Scouting gives us skills for life: independence, teamwork, leadership and problem solving to name just a few. Who would have thought that at 9 years old a kid had never spent a night away from home before? Had never slept in a tent with their friends? Had never burnt a sausage on an open fire? I can tell you from experience that the confidence and pride it gives a kid to know they can survive a night without mum and dad at that age is incredible. These are experiences that will stay with us for the rest of our lives. Once upon a time that kid was me and I’m proud to be passing on that knowledge as a leader.

I am a Scout and I’m proud of it! 🏕

Written by Olii – Asst Scout Leader at 14th Southampton Wednesday Troop.

Cubs Celebrating Silver Awards

Posted on Wednesday, February 22nd, 2017

The Cub section have been very busy working towards their Chief Scout Silver Awards and it has been an honour to have been invited to present these hard-working Cubs with their certificates and badges.

In 2017 these are the Cubs I have presented awards to so far:

  • James K (11th) –  10/01/2017
  • Toby J (22nd) –  17/01/2017
  • Liam S (1st) –  24/01/2017
  • Mats F (7th) – 09/02/2017
  • Marci S (7th) – 09/02/2017
  • Harry G (2nd) – 15/02/2017
  • Alfie W (2nd) – 15/02/2017
  • Jacob W (2nd) –  15/02/2017

Well done to you all on your great achievements. I look forward to presenting more Chief Scout Silver Awards to the Cubs in the District very soon.

Keep up the hard work and thank you to your leaders.

Chil  – ADC Cubs.

Apollo ESU & 2nd Southampton Scouts Go Caving!

Posted on Wednesday, February 8th, 2017

Take a look at how Scouts and Explorers got on for a day of caving at Goatchurch Cavern and the famous Swildon’s Hole. Mendips, Somerset

14th Wednesday Scouts Kick-Off #YouShape Month

Posted on Monday, February 6th, 2017

14th Highfield Weds PLs spent this weekend at Lyons Copse for a PL/APL ‘training’ camp organised by County.

It was an exceptionally well organised and structured weekend where each Troop was split up into smaller groups of 7, each with a facilitator to help guide ideas etc. YLs and some of the County team ran mini workshops on developing skills in teamwork, leadership, communication, promoting positive behaviour and running activities safely. Each activity was split up into 30/40 minute chunks separated by a break/game/run around time.

Each Scout got the chance to lead on a task (for example: building a bridge out of newspaper, organising people into height order for a game, running a game etc.) The theory behind the skill/activity was presented, the kids then had a series of tasks to complete to work on that skill, for example one of the ‘teamwork’ tasks was to build a tower out of newspaper and sellotape – they had to decide if someone was going to take charge (leadership), any ideas of how to complete the task (teamwork and communication) and then do the task (again communication, teamwork and leadership). After each task, the group’s facilitator gave them structured feedback as to how they did. The kids then got the chance to review the activity and occasionally repeat it with a different leader/idea.

Saturday evening was dedicated to a PL forum with their leader (or someone from County if they came without a leader) where we talked about what problems PLs may face back in their Troops, ideas that they’d like to see implemented, how their leaders can help them and vice-versus. We also discussed 5 challenges that the PLs will be responsible for between now and next year. Some suggestions: PLs running a number of evenings; running games at the start of the evening and teaching their Patrols how to tie a friendship knot.

Overall a fabulous weekend – would 100% recommend to any leaders thinking of developing their PLs/APLs ‘soft skills’!

Have a look what we got up to!