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Ferny Crofts Crazy Golf design competition winners

Posted on Tuesday, July 12th, 2016

The results are in! Has your design been chosen to be made into the mini-golf course? crazy

Scouts DIY Raft Race

Posted on Monday, July 11th, 2016

Teams from across Southampton jointed together at Testwood Lakes for the annual Scout Raft Race. Using a combination of pioneering, paddling and perseverance groups took their craft to the the water and battled against each other. Well done to everyone who took part and those who enjoyed cheering from the waterside. It was a really fun day. See you again next year.

New for 2016 at Wilverley: Fully Equipped Kitchen for your Camp

Posted on Tuesday, July 5th, 2016

We are always looking for ways we can help you by providing improved facilities at Wilverley.

If you are holding a group camp at Wilverley and you don’t want to bring your mess tent and kitchen and tables and chairs.

Why don’t you hire our activity centre and fully equipped kitchen. It has all the tables and chairs you need and a fully equipped kitchen with two gas cookers and ovens and a fridge.

The cost per day for these splendid facilities is only £45.00 a day. This includes the gas you use.

The activity centre can also be used for activities if the weather is rather inclement.

See the full inventory of the Activity Centre and Kitchen!

Southampton City Scout District: The Famous Five

Posted on Tuesday, July 5th, 2016

I hope that you all had a great time at District Camp. I thoroughly enjoyed the weekend and it was wonderful to see you and the youngsters having such a great time. Thank you for all the hard work you put into the group activities it was wonderful.

You will be aware that my term of office ends at the AGM on Thursday and I hope you will all join us for the evening and celebrate our year.

I have offered, with the help of the service team, to manage Wilverley to ensure it runs well is safe and makes a good income for the district so we can continue to improve the site and support our scouting in the City.

I have also been asked to be the Assistant County Commissioner for Network Scouting in Hampshire. This is a role I am looking forward to – getting involved and supporting our wonderful 18 to 25yr old scout membership.

The district has been on the lookout for my replacement and unfortunately they are not able to appoint anyone at this time. It is very important that they find someone who wants the job and can do it well.

Andy Viney is now heading the selection process and will be advertising around the County to see if someone in Scouting would like to come and lead in Southampton.

Having spent five years as the DC I am keen to ensure that the district is managed well until a permanent arrangement in place, and so I have offered to support a temporary team that has been put in place to manage the district.

The team consists of Ian Budd, Graham Meering, George Longhurst and Nico Chart.

I am really grateful that they have agreed to step up and help the district.

We will be operating as the famous five! If you ever read Enid Blyton books they even had a George in that group. But as I remember she was a girl. Sorry I am showing my age now. Google it for more information.

We have met and the roles and responsibilities will be shared as follows:

I will continue to deal with any issue resolutions and complaints and safe guarding concerns. I will also be overseeing the 1st as the acting GSL until a permanent DC is appointed and they can recruit a GSL for this group.

I will also be helping and supporting the 14th until the new GSL that I have appointed has settled into the group.

The rest of my duties are being shared as follows:

The group support arrangements will be carried out by George and Thelma.

The task of ensuring that all new adult volunteers and scout members are DBS checked and entered correctly on Compass is for Graham and Lyn Westerman.

Any presentations of service awards and Wood badges will be carried out by George, Graham, Nico and Ian.

If you are holding a camp over the summer then we would love to call by and see you all. Please invite whoever you wish from the Famous Five.

Graham will be continuing to support the 2nd as the acting GSL but it will be a top priority for the new DC to appoint a permanent post.

Nico will be attending all County Cluster meetings so he can relay County news back to the district.

Ian will be administering all nights away and adventurous activity permits.

The Swimming Gala in November will be run by Graham and Ian.

The Cross Country will this year be run by Ian if the district would still like one? (to be decided)

Nico will organise and chair all district team meetings in the future: invite, set agendas, and will be looking for a volunteer to write the minutes and distribute.

You will receive the monthly ramblings on the district website from all of the famous five.

The district calendar will be now produced and updated by Nico on the district website.

All adult contact details are recorded on compass so we will not be producing a district directory.

We will be publicising all district events on the website and encouraging you all to shout loud about your scouting.

If this leaves you baffled about who to contact about what, then feel free to contact any of us and we will steer enquiries in the right direction.

We hope that Andy Viney will take my place in September when I finally step away from the senior management team.

The District AGM is on the 7th July at the 13th HQ Canford Close at 7.30pm. Please come along and enjoy the evening.

Keep Scouting,

Colin Floyd,

District Comissioner Blog – July 2016

Posted on Tuesday, July 5th, 2016

Well I got to complete my five years as the DC of the District. I have to say I am really grateful for the fun and joy that the role has given me. It was a wonderful opportunity to shape scouting for 800 people and see the confidence grow in the Leadership teams and the young people.

My key messages throughout the five years has been all about growth and to shout load about our scouting.

We as a district are now 25% larger than we were five years ago and we have a record breaking 800 children and adults now involved in Southampton Scouting. We still have all eleven groups with Beaver Cub and Scout sections throughout, the 14th Highfield are the first group to start to introduce second sections which may bring us back to the heady days when a lot of groups had two sections throughout. Thanks go to Thelma for managing the district “want to join” list and encouraging growth in our beaver colonies.

We shout much louder about what we do, before we only spoke quietly to ourselves!! We now promote our scouting to the wider community. This is done through our group and district websites and facebook. A huge thanks go to Oli Bills and Nico Chart and Previously Tony Kench and Mike Johnson for their work with the district website, it is a good  example for other districts to follow. We should all be very proud of what we as volunteers do for Southampton Scouting and how we support the community and local charities such as Race for Life, Southampton Marathon, and the British Legion Poppy appeal to mention just a few.

My final big District event was our recent District Camp at Broadlands Estate in Romsey. We had a record number of children come to the camp and after some concerns about the venue I feel that the camp was a real success and the feedback I have had since has all been very positive. I hope you all get an opportunity to go back there in the future and experience the party and the spitfire fly over again.

This year we have had a record breaking amount of children gaining the Bronze, Silver and Gold Chief Scout Awards. Over the last five years we had a great number of Explorers and Young Leaders go to Windsor for Queen Scout Presentations and young leader belts. We can be very proud of the quality of our scouting.

We have had many changes in the district team over the last five years, we have a team approach with every section. They being for Beavers a team of Thelma, Eve and Elaine.  More recently Rob and Sarah and Claire supporting the Cubs and now recently Andy, Luke and Andy C supporting the Scouts. With Dave and Iain and Sam supporting Explorers and Young Leaders. You can see from this approach that we in Southampton believe in team being best. You can do more with a team of three than you can with just one ADC trying to do it all. A big thank you to the teams. I suggest that those with the task of appointing my replacement may learn from this approach. Team DC may be a way forward that I would encourage.

I would like to thank the District Executive Officers Veronica, Richard and Rex they have always supported every initiative we have put forward to them. We are very fortunate to have a district Exec that “gets our scouting “and believes in how we need to do the very best for our children.  Thank you to those that have sat at meetings long into the night discussing the executive business. Thank you to Jo Ash who is very busy as our Scouting Ambassador promoting our scouting in the community.

Thanks go to Ian Budd for the work he has done organising our main district events especially District camps and Wye Valley events I hope I get an invite to still come along with you all in the future. Thanks go to Brian Purchase and also Chris Davis who have acted as our District Chaplains, their services are wonderful.

A huge thankyou to Graham Meering who has been a big support to me and greatly helped me for the past five years, his experience and knowledge has been invaluable.

A special thank you to Lyn Westerman and Mike Jackson and the appointments committee for all their support and hard work with the huge task of interviewing and appointing what has been a great number of changes and new appointees over the past five years.

To George and the active support unit for all their support and encouragement for our scouting traditions. It is very important that we remember those that have been before us and we remain grateful to them for what they have given us in our scouting.

As someone who took almost five years to gain my wood badge when I became DC I wanted to greatly improve the approach of leadership training and that led me to appoint Nico as our LTM. He and his training advisers have done a grand job and training is in very good hands in Southampton. Thanks.

Thanks from go to the Canoe Club, Archery Climbing and shooting skills instructors they greatly enhance our scouting adventure.

It gives me great pleasure to see the enthusiasm of our Network section. This is a band of 18 to 25 years old that thoroughly enjoy their scouting. Some great ideas come from Network and they are an ever growing source for good in our district. Whenever I have been down in the dumps with scouting I spend some time with them and they enthuse me to get back up and get going again. Thanks!!

That leads me to tell you what my next scouting adventures will be: I have been appointed as the Assistant County Commissioner for Network scouting in Hampshire. This is a role I am looking forward too as I am a great believer that scouting should be much more led by the younger membership to enable them to fully shape our future scouting and give them the confidence to grow as a person into adulthood. So you may hear of my name in the future with Network.

I am also going to manage the District Campsite at Wilverley with the support of the campsite team. We have recently started to improve the facilities at Wilverley, we also have increased its usage and income and this will enable the campsite revenue to be used for further development and enable the site funds to give district more income to support scouting back at home. So I will be badgering you to help me at Wilverley and I look forward to seeing you all there in the future making great use of your site. Thank you to the service team and those who have supported us at maintenance days.

Huge thanks go to Hampshire Scouting and the Scout Association who have led me and supported me whilst in post and especially to my fellow DC’s in Itchen North and South for the support they have given me and our new collaborative approach.

Finally, I would like to thank all group scout leaders and group executive members and all the leaders, section assistants, and young leaders who are working hard every week to deliver a great scouting adventure and programme. You can all be very proud of Southampton Scouting.

Last of all big well done and thanks to all the beavers, cubs, scouts, explorers and young leaders, thank you, scouting is a wonderful organisation and you are what really makes it great.

I won’t be going very far and if I can help you don’t hesitate to contact me, Good Luck Southampton City Scouting and thank you to you all.,


What’s it like to be a Scout in Southampton?

Posted on Saturday, July 2nd, 2016

Highfield Scouts recently made this awesome video showing what Scouting is all about.