2nd Southampton & 62nd Bristol Scouts Unite

Posted on Sunday, January 24th, 2016

It’s starting to become a tradition within our Scout troop to camp in the peak of Winter, when there is maximum chance of it being cold, muddy and wet!
Each year I vow never to camp again in January but somehow I’ll be talked into it and something will end up in the diary. I’ve learnt that actually there are many benefits. For example you’ll often have the campsite to yourself and it’s great to fix the post Christmas blues with a camp on the horizon.

In November 2014 Fran our ASL moved away from Southampton to Bristol to start a new job. She also immediately got back involved with Scouting and took up the role as a SL for a brand new troop in her new hometown.
We have kept in touch, shared programme ideas and heard about 62nd Bristol Scout’s new troop grow and grow. The young people of both groups knew about each other and eventually we planned a camp for them to meet up.

Last week almost 50 Scouts, 3 young leaders and around 10 leaders had a blast at Ferny Crofts. Immediately Scouts across both groups got on well and exchanged their favourite wide games, card games and scout night activities. As leaders it was also great to share ideas and hear about how Scouting is run outside our own district.

During the day we were treated to the exceptional facilities at Ferny Crofts such as the crate stacking, gladiator wall and assault course. The Winter made it the more fun with the ridiculous about of mud you can cake yourself in at every opportunity. We had to put up with some rain too, but it made the night hike all the more adventurous jumping over puddles.

So, don’t dismiss camping in January… You may find it hard to beat for the rest of the year.