District Commissioner Blog – December 2015

Posted on Friday, December 25th, 2015

What a great year we have had!! And next year should be even better. Find out about what's been happening in the district, the awards people have won, recent events and activities, the new district website, Compass, the process for selecting a new DC and best wishes for a Merry Christmas!

What a great year we have had!! And next year should be even better.

Congratulations to Sarah Durham and Gary Coen for receiving their 10 year Service Award and to Nico Chart for 20 Years’ service – Very well deserved.

WoodBeadsCongratulations to Alice Mintoff and Claire Baker on receiving their wood badge.

QSAA big well done and be proud message to Oli Bills, Josh Smith, Catriona Gibbon who have just completed the Queens Scout Award I am looking forward to the presentation evening and the parade and service at Windsor Palace in front of the Queen. Fantastic

I am delighted to welcome Sarah Granger and Rob Wayman as the Assistant District Commissioners for the Cub Section. I am sure that the cub section will go from strength to strength under their leadership.

Thank you to everyone who attended the Remembrance parade at the Cenotaph or at your local churches and to those that helped with the selling of poppies with the Active Support Unit. You did us proud.

The District swimming gala took place and the group award went to the 14th Scout Group in Highfield congratulations to them. The event was very well attended and was great fun thanks go to all the groups that took part.

The scout Walkabout competition was great fun and a big well done to the Scouts who took part and to all the leaders for the night exercise. The event was won by the 1st Scout Troop Well done to them.

The new district web site is launched please take a look at it and Oli and I are looking for suggestions I how we can improve it further. The group pages are well worth developing this is a place to promote your group and shout load how good you are. So please send us LOTS of good news stories about what you have been up too in your groups. We have a new district directory and we are looking to get everyone’s details on the website in a secure area rather than producing a paper copy. That will hopefully be launched early next year.

The Compass data membership system is turning back on in January to me and group scout leaders so we need to get the adult records back up to date especially the clearances that are outstanding. When it goes live please would GSL’s check the records are accurate. If you need a hand with that please ask me or Graham and we will show you.

In January the District and the Hampshire Scouting will be starting the process of appointing the next DC. It is a great job and a good opportunity to shape Southampton Scouting for the next five years. I ask you all to consider taking up the challenge.

BUT………. The National Lottery – # Please Not Him


If anyone would like to talk to me about the DC role before they apply and clarify anything, I am always pleased for you to contact me by email or by phone or in person just ask away.

I hope you all and your families have a wonderful Christmas and a joyous new year See you all in 2016.


Yours in Scouting,

Colin Floyd
District Commissioner