Brownsea Island 2015

Posted on Friday, July 10th, 2015

Elaine reports on the May 2015 Beavers trip to Brownsea Island…

The day began at 8:30 when we boarded the coach for the journey to Sandbanks. On arrival at Sandbanks the very excited but  well behaved Beavers walked the 5 min journey to the ferry, The short journey on the ferry was spent pointing out different landmarks that could possibly be Brownsea Island.


On arrival at Brownsea Island we all went round together, taking in the breathtaking views and looking out for animals such as the Red Squirrel.


We were given a talk at ‘St Marks Church’ by one of the amazing volunteers, the Beavers were in awe listening to her, she then sent them on a hunt in the church to find the ‘Kneeler’ that had been made by our Southampton City Active support Ladies.


Later we went down to the beach where the beavers had a great time playing in the sand.  Then we walked back up to ‘Horse field’ where we had lunch, the Beavers were fascinated  when a visitor ‘A Peacock’ came to join them for lunch.


After lunch we walked round to ‘The Trading Post’ where we took group photos, then walked up to the Scout stone where we renewed our Scout Promise and the Beavers were all presented with a Brownsea island woggle.



We then carried on walking round the Island to the wonderful play area that has been created from trees that have either fallen or been felled on the Island.



The day finished with a gentle walk past the reed beds back to meet the ferry for our return journey home.


Elaine (Clover).