District Commissioner Blog November 2014

Posted on Wednesday, December 3rd, 2014

Wow this term is going fast and it will soon be 2015!!

Congratulations to Graham wide for receiving his 30 year Service Award and to Richard Jacob for 25 year’s Service. Very well deserved.

Congratulations to Adam Higgins on receiving his wood badge.

A big well done and be proud message to Sophie Baldwin, Heather Porter and Thomas Bourner who have just completed and been awarded the Queens Scout Award by Adam Jollans the County Commissioner. They will now go the Palace to parade in front of the Queen. Fantastic

I am delighted to welcome Mike Langford and Heather Porter as the new Leaders of Network Scouting. With the able support of Joshua Smith as Network Chair this section I am sure will continue to grow. They have written a development plan that has a number of key objectives:


  • Get the finances sorted, agree a membership fee and open their own bank account with at least three signatories.
  • To be self- sufficient for camping equipment.
  • Develop close links with Itchen North and South Networks
  • To develop close links with all our Explorers making sure that they get a taste of Network Scouting BEFORE they are 18 years old.


Thank you to everyone who attended the Remembrance parade at the Cenotaph, helped with the selling of poppies and to those groups who attended their local church. You did us proud.

The District swimming gala took place and the group award went to the 14th Scout Group in Highfield congratulations to them. The event was very well attended and was great fun thanks go to all the groups that took part.

The scout Walkabout competition was great fun and a big well done to the Scouts who took part and to all the leaders. The event was won by the 13th Sea Scout Troop Well done to them.

The district web site is presently under a thorough review and I hope the new improved site will be up and running for you all very soon. Please remember that the web site is our main vehicle for communication between us all and it acts as the face of our scouting in the community. If you have any group events or those that are held by the district please shout load about them and send some pictures and words to the media team. They look forward to receiving your good news.

The Compass data membership system is now live and we have a lot to do to get our data as it should be. We are doing a clean up operation of our adult data and once that is completed we will be looking to get our young person data recorded on compass. That will be a task that will need to be done by groups and I will be talking to Group Scout Leaders at our meeting on the 10th December on the time frame for that work and the support and training we will offer them. Would all Group Scout Leaders please do your best to attend this important meeting.

Don’t forget we need lots of parents to get involved have you asked one yet? If you have vacancies in your group advertise them on the red vacancy board we provided for you.

We will be updating our district directory very soon so if you have any changes in your personal details have you moved home changed your email address or telephone number? please make sure Graham is aware of those so that your information is up to date.

If anyone wishes to talk to me and clarify anything, I am always pleased for you to contact me by email or by phone or in person just ask away.

I hope you all and your families have a wonderful Christmas and a joyous new year See you all in 2015.

Yours in Scouting,
Colin Floyd,
District Commissioner