Swimming Gala 2014

Posted on Saturday, November 29th, 2014

What a start, with the entrance to the car park blocked off and then when the temporary entrance was found due to building work many parking spaces were missing and most of the others were in use.   

Despite this we saw the biggest involvement in the gala since the District was formed with 29 Beavers, 7 Cub packs and 8 Scout Troops.  It meant that we had to run heats for all the races and with me increasing the number of events for Cubs, bringing them to the same level as the Scouts, we ran out of time to carry out a presentation.  I was under strict rules from the pool booking officer that we had to be clear the pool by 9.30.  I am in the process of visiting Packs and Troops to hand out the medals, certificates and Trophies.

May I thank all the officials, helpers and the adult support team for all the assistance on the night.