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Swimming Gala 2014

Posted on Saturday, November 29th, 2014

What a start, with the entrance to the car park blocked off and then when the temporary entrance was found due to building work many parking spaces were missing and most of the others were in use.   

Despite this we saw the biggest involvement in the gala since the District was formed with 29 Beavers, 7 Cub packs and 8 Scout Troops.  It meant that we had to run heats for all the races and with me increasing the number of events for Cubs, bringing them to the same level as the Scouts, we ran out of time to carry out a presentation.  I was under strict rules from the pool booking officer that we had to be clear the pool by 9.30.  I am in the process of visiting Packs and Troops to hand out the medals, certificates and Trophies.

May I thank all the officials, helpers and the adult support team for all the assistance on the night.  


Summit Weekend, North Wales, October 2014

Posted on Tuesday, November 25th, 2014

“Summit” has become a bit of a hidden asset. Perhaps most of the District does not know that City District has a very strong team of experienced and qualified mountain leaders who take Explorers and older Scouts to the rugged Mountains of Snowdonia every autumn. It is a tradition that has continued since 1970 and one that we should be very proud of. The usual venue is Hafod a Welsh Scout Council Hostel in the Ogwen Valley. Last year through a booking problem we had to go to a hostel near Cadair Idris but this October we were back in our old haunt.


Ogwen Valley and the Glyders from Pen Yr Olwen

Numbers were down a bit, still enough for three good teams on the hill. We met at the 22nd HQ for the hardest part of the weekend – the 250 mile minibus trip, soon after the end of school, with arrival close to midnight. On arrival one thing became apparent; the Wind. This was nothing to do with excess of burgers at the Service Station. They, after a hot drink slipped off to their bunks. The leaders adapted their routes to suit the warnings of high wind. Morning broke, breakfast and the hustle to get ready for the day. Flasks had been put out the night before and had been filled according to their wishes.  The troops were checked to see they had the right kit and necessary adjustments made.


The view down onto Llyn Ogwen

I  must mention team Rutherford – apart from organising the whole thing and making sure everyone had got away safely, our leader and his wife Kirsty took their two young children onto Pen Yr Ole Wen the high mountain opposite the hostel. It was a very windy day radio reports said that the wind speed on the tops was 60mph.


In Safe Hands

Leaders left their route cards for Harold and me–we were two of the original Summiteers and stayed down to act as Basemen. Some went directly from the Hostel but at least one group were transported to a start point several miles away. For all Parties it was an act of commitment to hard mountains and high wind.

One Party had started from the North. It was a great route but unfortunately the route southwards was directly into the wind along a rising ridge line two big mountains lay ahead and the party were beginning to tire. Sensibly their leaders decide to come off early into the town of Bethesda. They phoned ahead to ask for collection. Harold and I haven’t got insurance for the minibus and he was thinking of making two journeys in his car. Just then the first party arrived back tired but happy. Their leader Paul immediately volunteered. We showed him the pick-up point on the map and off he went. The Rutherford Family walked in, fresh and happy and the children got back to their drawing books. Then the final Party arrived having walked in from the hill. Hot drinks were consumed and everyone got busy: wet stuff in the Drying Room; boots in the Boot Rack; and rucksacks unpacked. They all enjoyed the rest and the warmth of Hafod while dinner was cooking. A hearty meal and we broke into two groups: the Leaders relaxing and talking together and the Scouts talking about the day and playing cards. (Well, there was another group, Harold and me talking quietly together about Summits past and how pleased we were to see it all happening still.)


What 60mph Wind?

The next day offered the chance to do real rock climbing and the group drove off to Capel Curig with the intention of trying the Pinnacles. Unfortunately the heavy rain didn’t stop and climbing on wet rock is almost as bad as sitting waiting to climb in the wet. Walking isn’t too bad and the party had a low level walk back to Hafod. Meanwhile the non- climbers went up to Y Garn and the Glyders at the back of the Hostel. All arrived back early and after another good meal everyone tucked into packing and putting the Hostel to rights. By three o’clock we were ready for the off and the long drive home with a group of young people who had: got over their fears; tested themselves in a harsh environment; and had memories that will last a lifetime.


The Personel:

 Scouts and Explorers: Sam, James, Owen, Zak, Olivia, Nick, Greg, Dan, Matt, Patrick, Chris, Kyle.

Leaders: Ian R, Ian B, Paul R, Rob, Dave Mac: Sam T2, Kahryn.

Ex Officio’s, Kirsty: Fran: Rory: Geoff, Harold and Glyn the Sheep Dog.


Geoff Johnson

Active Support

Poppies and Remembrance Parade

Posted on Wednesday, November 12th, 2014


Thank you to everyone in the District who helped with selling poppies this year. My thanks go to not only members of Active Support, but also to members of the District Team,and Scouters, Scouts and Explorers from the 13th Group, who covered both of the Sainsburys stores all day on last Saturday and at times during the week. I will publish how much we collected when the British Legion tells me.
Can I also congratulate all of those who attended the Cenotaph Parade on Sunday morning. My own two Beavers and Cub who laid our poppy wreath were smart and well behaved, as were all of the other Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and Explorers who were in the District contingent. You did yourselves proud and many people commented on the fact that young people were present at the service. Well done. Mike Jackson, who paraded with you, has asked to be included in my comments and shares my opinion on how well you all did.
Well done to you all,
George Longhurst
Active Support Manager


Halloween Night at the 29th

Posted on Monday, November 10th, 2014

On Friday the 31st of October, the 29th Immaculata Scouts enjoyed an evening of Halloween fun from making Human Mummys to Apple Bobbing. During this evening they also had a go at Pumpkin Carving, using 6 Pumpkins that Sainsbury’s in Portswood had kindly donated to us free of charge.

These turned out with all different kinds of design in which some are shown below.


halloween3.png halloween4.png  

We were also kindly donated a rather large pumpkin as well, in which took three leaders to pick up! It was grown in an allotment and its weight was a good 15 stone (210Lb)! After taking out the middle with a spade and brickie’s trowel, we were ready for carving.

Many thanks to Margaret and Peter for kindly donating us this large pumpkin and below is how it turned out.







Of course it would not be right if we did not light up the pumpkin to see how well it worked!

By Candle Light


Many thanks to Karen in Sainsbury’s at Portswood and Margaret and Peter for their kind donations.

Good fun was had by all and we’re looking forward to doing some think similar next year.

Yours in Scouting,

Russ Andrews,

29th Immaculata Scout Leader

Remembrance Service – 9th November

Posted on Saturday, November 1st, 2014

remember.pngOur District has been invited by The Mayor of Southampton to attend the Remembrance Day Service, at The Cenotaph, on Sunday 9th.November 2014.

It is hoped that we can make up a contingent comprising, a Beaver, a Cub and a Scout and Explorer and a Scouter from every group in the district. Also all Active

Support and Network members are invited.

Our aim is to have a good smart contingent for the remembrance parade at the Cenotaph in West Park Southampton for this years Remembrance Service. Last year was a lovely event and it gave our young people a chance to show their respect and remembrance and it was particularly mentioned by those attending, including the Mayor, that it was lovely to see our youngsters taking part.

Of course if your group has already arranged to go to your local church that is fine I am just pleased that they are doing that. But for those groups that do not go to a local church we would like you to join us at the main Southampton Cenotaph.

If we have the groups bring one beaver one cub and one scout and a number of Leaders, Explorers Network Members and Active Support we believe we will have at least 50 people attending. Even though i have said only one please do bring more if you wish to.

We will meet at 9.45am at Guildhall Square i will be there earlier, so please look out for me. You can park for free up to 12 noon on a Sunday at the West Park Car park.

Please do make sure you are all in smart uniform please, polished shoes etc. I will have poppies to give you if you have not already purchased some.

The parade will be marching from Guildhall Square to the cenotaph and back to Guildhall square after the service so Parents please come and see the parade and pick up your children from guildhall square just before 12 noon.

If you could all please send me an email to say if you are coming or not I would be grateful.

Colin Floyd
District Commissioner

07770364711 or