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District Commissioner Blog October 2014

Posted on Friday, October 31st, 2014

Well our scouting is very much full steam ahead. I am delighted to welcome Sarah Granger and Rob Wayman to the district team. They have both been appointed as District Cub Scout Leaders and will work along side Pat to provide encouragement and support to the cub section. I am sure everyone will be delighted for them and offer their support.

We are now producing every month a role of honour celebrating our leader’s service and other young person’s awards. If you have any children who gain the Bronze Silver and Gold awards please tell me so we can add them to the roll of honour that we will be producing every month.

The district web site is presently under a thorough review and I hope the new improved site will be up and running for you all very soon. Please remember that the web site is our main vehicle for communication between us all and it acts as the face of our scouting in the community. If you have any group events or those that are held by the district please shout load about them and send some pictures and words to the media team. They look forward to receiving your good news.

The Compass data membership system is now live and we have a lot to do to get our data as it should be. We are doing a clean up operation of our adult data and once that is completed we will be looking to get our young person data recorded on compass. That will be a task that will need to be done by groups and I will be talking to Group Scout Leaders on the time frame for that work and the support and training we will offer them.

Wilverley has a new cooker in the cottage kitchen so you will find that better when you next go there. We are looking over the next few months to make other improvements to the cottage kitchen and we are looking at providing a range of cooking utensils to save you having to take them yourselves.

Our next District sports event is the swimming gala on Saturday 15th November the details are on the website and we really hope that EVERY group will be participating this year. Get your team entered with Graham and please would you tell him who will be acting as marshals on your groups behalf on the evening.

We will be updating our district directory very soon so if you have any changes in your personal details have you moved home changed your email address or telephone number? Please make sure Graham is aware of those so that your information is up to date.

If anyone wishes to talk to me and clarify anything, I am always pleased for you to contact me by email or by phone or in person just ask away.

Yours in Scouting,

Colin Floyd
District Commissioner

07770364711 or  

Roll of Honour: October 2014

Posted on Thursday, October 30th, 2014

Wood Badge


Awarded to Members on completion of their leadership training

Congratulations to Rob Wayman on receiving his wood badge.

Chief Scout’s 20 Years Service Award 


 Congratulations to Darren Russell

Chief Scout’s 10 Years Service Award


 Congratulations to Iain Redmill

Explorer Belt


Well done to Heather Porter, Josh Smith and Alex Manning on completing their Explorer Belt. 

Founders Day 2015

Posted on Friday, October 24th, 2014

Please come and join us and celebrate! All parents, friends and families are invited to attend.

Founders Day this year will be held at the Oasis Community Hub Green Lane, Millbrook SO16 9RG

We will be meeting at 6:15pm – please make sure that you are very smart and in full uniform.


Explorer Belt: Our Trip to France

Posted on Thursday, October 23rd, 2014

In September Alex Manning, Heather Porter and Josh Smith, members of Southampton City Network, spent 11 days in France and Belgium completing the Explorer Belt. The trip involved cycling 440 km, complete with fully laden panniers, along the World War 1 Western Front and aimed to investigate the effect of WW1 on the people and landscapes 100 years on.


Our trip started in Nieuwpoort, Belgium, which was the coastal end of the front. Nieuwpoort and the surrounding canals were flooded during the war to prevent German flanking so we took a look at where this started. After a night spent in a somewhat dubious, closed campsite near Diksmuide we headed to Ieper (Ypres) to visit the city and attend the Last Post Ceremony at the Menin Gate.

Our third day continued in Ieper at the ‘In Flanders Fields’ museum before heading off to Hill 62 which is home to the Sanctuary Wood Cemetery, a museum with preserved British front line trenches, and the Hill 62 Canadian memorial. We also visited Hill 60 where lots of mining and explosives were used. On day four, fuelled by vast amounts of Haribo, we made our way to Le Touret memorial where we were able to find one of Josh’s relatives amongst the 13,400 British soldiers who are remembered there.

The fifth day of the trip started with a puncture. After sorting that out we headed to Notre Dame de Lorette which is the largest French military cemetery in the World and houses over 40,000 French soldiers. The crosses in the cemetery stretched as far as the eye could see and was truly sobering. We then cycled up the second hill of the day to get to the Vimy Ridge where a memorial to Canadian soldiers sits proud at the top to remember their tunnelling attack on the German front line.

After the long day before we had a more relaxed day and headed to Arras to explore some tunnels which were used by miners from New Zealand. For day seven we headed to Albert via the Newfoundland Memorial park which was a piece of land which had been left after the war and kept as a park to memorialise soldiers from Newfoundland. We moved further into the Somme region as we reached Albert and there was a noticeable increase in the number of cemeteries we saw.

Day eight was spent exploring Albert and the surrounding area. This included a trip to the Thiepval Memorial where we found one of Alex’s relatives, and a visit to a German cemetery. Back in Albert we visited a museum which was in a tunnel under the town and used during both wars as an air raid shelter. On day nine we cycled to Amiens which was the last stop on our trip. The rest of day 9 and 10 were spent exploring Amiens including visits to a library (complete with a very lovely and interesting librarian), the cathedral, Museum de Picardy, and a general wander around the city. The next day we returned back to Southampton feeling tired but successful.



Endeavour Explorers: Summer Camp 2014

Posted on Tuesday, October 21st, 2014

The Triumph of the Few

In January 12 explorers said they wanted to go and the Site was booked. Various reminders were sent out and deadlines were set, but with weeks to go there was little response. It seemed that late booked holidays and other organised activities had scuppered us. To go or not to go – well, we had paid a deposit which we would lose – and the few still wanted to go.


In the event: 4 explorers; Rozy, Kieran, Faye and Joe; Jake, just about to become a trainee Leader at Ferny Crofts and Amanda, Matt, Geoff and Lin together with Corbin a Beaver Scout, were the ten that went along to Bowling Green Wood in Dorset from the 9th to the 16th August.

The Saturday load up needed some changes in our equipment as we had just heard that the fringes of hurricane Bertha would hit the South Coast that night. The heavy mess tent was preferred.

Lin and I had been there before but everyone else was impressed by the fact that this great campsite would be ours for a week. Thought was given to the layout of the tents given the high westerly winds that were forecast. The site is bounded by woodland which would give shelter but there was evidence that the trees could be blown down in the wind.

Sitting round the fire after a good supper the wind picked up as forecast and we went off to our Tents. It was a wet and windy night but we had good tents well pitched and we didn’t lose any sleep. 


The morning was windy and rainy but a visit from the resident peacock put us in a good mood. We decided immediately to put the bad weather fall back into action and went to Splashdown at Poole, “fluming” marvellous for the young, but two hours sipping indifferent coffee for the old and responsible. On the way back over Whiteway Hill we stopped at the high view point and saw the Jurassic coast spread before us all the way to Portland Bill. Amanda and Rozy did aerobics on stumps and Joe sat and contemplated.


Monday was better. Lin and Corbin were arriving and we arranged to meet them at Worth Matravers. I hadn’t said much about where we were going but the reaction when the others saw the big quarry caves cut into the cliff face was amazing. It was a time and a place to explore and they all did. Sitting above a sea still under the influence of hurricane Bertha was awesome. The hunt for ammonite fossils as big as car tyres was great as they clambered over the cliffs and rocky shelves. 


Tuesday we split: The Macho Brigade went to the Tank Museum while the Primeval went to Monkey World. Both Parties enjoyed their days but it was good to get back to our home at Bowling Green and compare notes whilst we prepared Dinner.


On Wednesday it was time to hit the beach at Lulworth Cove where most went swimming and all sunbathed. To live up to the English tradition the clouds came over, it started to rain and we became part of the mass exodus from the beach. After lunch some of us returned to visit the Fossil Forest to the east of the Cove.


That evening we cooked Pizzas on our own recently invented Camp Pizza Oven.


Thursday and Climbing was on the bill: We chose Hedbury Quarry as it was above the sea which was still a bit frisky. All the climbs there are bolted and most of a high grade but luckily our spot was available right on the edge overlooking the sea and the right grade for our novices. Matt and Jake have recently passed their Walls and Towers and this was a chance for them to extend their experience under my M form. Everyone had a go and some good climbing was done. It was good weather and a good place to be. After the long uphill path back to the Cars we decided everyone needed a treat and headed off to Swanage for a group meal in a Fish and Chip Restaurant.



Friday, our last full day and it had to be done – Durdle D’or and the swim through the Arch:


With Kieran our lifeguard in attendance the unit made a Unit swim through and around the arch and then enjoyed a laze and mud bath! on the beach. Meanwhile Joe made friends with a homing pigeon and gave it something to eat and drink.


That night Jake suggested we cook Hobo style – We prepared our own mix of meat and chopped vegetables seasoned and sauced, wrapped in foil and cooked in the embers. It was delicious.


The next morning we broke Camp and loaded the cars and trailer. Tidied the site and at a final parade were presented with the Campsite badge by the Warden, our flags were lowered and we left. What a memory!

From the Four: Rozi, Faye, Kieran and Joe: also Jake, Amanda, Matt, Geoff, Lin and “I just can’t wait to be an Explorer” Corbin.

One of the successes of the Camp were the Swedish Candles which Amanda had brought along as prepared logs with slots cut down into them. With a few embers dropped on the top they caught light and burnt down into the log for an hour or two. We cooked on them and also boiled a few Kettles. Thanks to Scouting Magazines Get Active Booklet.

Fundraising Halloween Explorer Party

Posted on Friday, October 17th, 2014

We  are happy to have money on the door, but if we could have some indication of number this would be very helpful.

All proceeds will go to the International trip fund:
Rozy – Japan
Keiren – Tanzania
Owen – Iceland

County Archery Camp

Posted on Friday, October 10th, 2014

Fantastic weekend at County Archery 2014 for Southampton City District. We took
11 Cubs and Scouts from various packs / troops (1st, 2nd, 22nd, 29th) who were the
winners from the District competitions held in May.
Results are
Target Supplied
Charlie Palmer   1st   237
Ben Cowan         3rd  200
Finbar O’keefe   185             
Sam  Newman   168
Target Supplied
Ellie Bugbee       3rd   230
Peter Rahlff     227
O18 Supplied
Chris Buckland    1st    269
Lewis Gallacher   3rd   245
Sam Newman   1st
Adam Hedges   2nd
Chris Buckland 2nd
Shaun Cassidy  3rd
Sam Newman   1st
Charlie Palmer  2nd
Ellie Bugbee    3rd
Ant Wilkinson  2nd



Young Leaders Going Strong

Posted on Wednesday, October 1st, 2014

Young Leaders are still going strong, and we’ve had an influx of new members with the new term. It’s been lovely to welcome all the new faces, but we’re aware there are more out there. Just a reminder that everyone of explorer age (14-18) helping with a section, whether for DoE or scouting, needs to be registered with the Young Leader unit (contact me below) and complete their basic training (just like adult leaders). To get in touch with Iain (ESL(YL)), please drop an email to:

Young Leaders will continue to run on the second thursday of every month at the 1st Headquarters, and we encourage you to send your young leaders along so that we can train then up for you! If you would like a Young Leader, or are just interested in how it works to decide if you could accomodate one, please get in touch with Iain also.

There are plenty of resources for adult leaders who have a young leader in their section, available from Iain or the Scouts website here.

I’ve just revamped the Young Leader page of the District website, with useful info for prospective members. If there is information you would like to see on there, please drop me a line.

If you want to discuss how to stretch your Young Leader, or what they might be capable of (or to discuss any queries or problems, or even how they should show in Compass when it launches), please drop me a line or give me a call – email above, phone details in the District Directory.

Iain Redmill
Explorer Scout Leader (Young Leaders)

Volunteers Needed – 12th October

Posted on Wednesday, October 1st, 2014

On Sunday the 12th of October, Graham Meering is coordinating a County event at Ferny Crofts for approximately 80 young carers from thoughout Hampshire. He is looking for leaders to run planned bases, people to help as greeters/guides and young leaders/Network or explorers to act as mentors working with the youngsters on the activities.

Are you free on the day and willing to help? He is looking for leaders to run planned bases, people to help as greeters/guides, young Leaders/Network or explorers to act as mentors working with the youngsters on the activities.

The day will run 10 am to 3.30 pm but it would be helpful to be there at 9.30. If you are interested, please contact