All aboard SS Shieldhall

Posted on Tuesday, May 6th, 2014

All aboard SS Shieldhall

7 June 2014—Hampshire Scouts Annual Training Day. We are pleased to advise that we will again be running a special training day for Hampshire Scouts onboard the pre-served historic steam ship Shieldhall located in South-ampton Docks. The day is open to all Scouts and Ex-plorers irrespective of whether or not their Group normally involves itself in water based activities.



The day will start at 10.00 with “colours” on the boat deck followed by the Cap-tain’s welcome and safety and organizational briefs. Thereafter, during the day there will be six instruc-tional sessions (three be-fore and three after a lunch break) which will provide theoretical and practical training for groups of up to eight scouts. The level of instruction will be adjusted in accordance with the age and experience of the group. The day is planned to finish at 16.00 or shortly thereafter.

On 5 July 2014 there will be the Training Cruise day. The day is principally designed to give young people and especially those who have already undertaken one of the Shieldhall Training Days (but not restricted to), the opportunity of undertaking a short sea voyage on a large ocean going ship and learning just a little bit more about the many special skills and disciplines necessary to safely operate and navigate such a vessel.  The day will also have the guest speaker of Captain Colin Darch who had his ship captured by armed pirates.

11 October 2014—Another opportunity to take part in Training Day alongside. Same format at June day.

Cost is £30 per person to participant in both the Training Cruise & one of the Training Days alongside. No charge to leaders based on a 1:6 ratio.

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