Posted on Sunday, February 16th, 2014

About #Dare2dogood



Following a line of accidents and deaths of young people who are taking part in a Social Media alcohol drinking game called “neknominations” Scouting Ireland decided to run a counter campaign. This is not only taking Place in Ireland but indeed all over the World and we would like everyone (not just Scouts) to join in.

The Campaign

The campaign dare’s people to do good. We would see this action as a selflesspositive, and a good thing to do. We have started this Social Media campaign to negate the effect that the “neknomination” trend is having on the Young People of our country and indeed the World.

It is destructive and damaging to the health and well being of our fellow citizens. We want to show that Social Media can be a positive means for doing something good and of course every time someone does some good it is another step along the road in “Creating a Better World” for us all.

How To Get Involved

You can read up on how to get involved and Dare2DoGood here :)