Wilverley Working Weekend

Posted on Sunday, September 29th, 2013

The 9th had decided to do a group ‘team building’ weekend at Wilverley and the 1st came in numbers enough to make a great team. The 9th also brought with them a giant box of brushes and rollers very kindly donated by Tool Bank. Many thanks to Neil Webb for that.

With 15 people present by 9am on Saturday morning we were good to go. With teams keen to grab the brushes and crack on we were soon getting the cottage coated in Sadolin for the winter. The fences, weather shelter and Charles Alan building all getting a coat of creosote to protect them in the coming months. A shoe shelf and some running repairs were done too. The chainsaw gang were motoring away together to get the giant hedgerow between two pitches to a reasonable height, by lunch it was down to 6 feet and 3 lovely trees were now clearly visible. 2 birch saplings were donated and planted in on Sunday.  Fallen trees were chopped up and stowed in the log store.

By the end of Saturday an amazing job had been done by all. With some taking up the offer of “free site facilities on working weekends”, there were some staying behind.

Sunday we were back into it with finishing touches the last of the fences and indeed the creosote were finished. The outside toilet painted, a few bedrooms painted and the cottage floors scrubbed till shiny clean. They are now pink, who would have known. Verges strimmed, site tidied and everyone ready for a final sit down to recover enough to leave.

The Wilverley committee would like to thank the 21 people who turned up over the weekend, giving a combination of ½, 1 and 2 days of their time.

Wilverley points scheme.

Do you feel like you have now missed out? Did you know that you can get more than just satisfaction from helping at a working weekend? Did you know we have a reward scheme?

Helping at a Working weekend means you can earn point towards camping.

How does it work?  It’s simple, for every half day you volunteer on a working weekend you earn a point. Each point is equal to 1 person’s overnight camp on the field.  So if you come with 3 others or even send a family of 4 for a day to represent your group they can earn you 8 points.
These points can be saved, added together from other working party weekends and used when wanted.
When is the next weekend you can come and join the scheme? Well there are 3 weekends next year
February 22/23   July 5/6 September 27/28 and don’t forget you can have free use of the facilities overnight on the Saturday night. And lunch is provided on both days.

Group points so far –
9th – 21 points , 13th – 16 points  , 1st – 2 points , 11th – 1 point , Network – 4 points
We will see you there.

Laura Dyer,
Wilverley Committee Chair