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Wilverley Working Weekend

Posted on Sunday, September 29th, 2013

The 9th had decided to do a group ‘team building’ weekend at Wilverley and the 1st came in numbers enough to make a great team. The 9th also brought with them a giant box of brushes and rollers very kindly donated by Tool Bank. Many thanks to Neil Webb for that.

With 15 people present by 9am on Saturday morning we were good to go. With teams keen to grab the brushes and crack on we were soon getting the cottage coated in Sadolin for the winter. The fences, weather shelter and Charles Alan building all getting a coat of creosote to protect them in the coming months. A shoe shelf and some running repairs were done too. The chainsaw gang were motoring away together to get the giant hedgerow between two pitches to a reasonable height, by lunch it was down to 6 feet and 3 lovely trees were now clearly visible. 2 birch saplings were donated and planted in on Sunday.  Fallen trees were chopped up and stowed in the log store.

By the end of Saturday an amazing job had been done by all. With some taking up the offer of “free site facilities on working weekends”, there were some staying behind.

Sunday we were back into it with finishing touches the last of the fences and indeed the creosote were finished. The outside toilet painted, a few bedrooms painted and the cottage floors scrubbed till shiny clean. They are now pink, who would have known. Verges strimmed, site tidied and everyone ready for a final sit down to recover enough to leave.

The Wilverley committee would like to thank the 21 people who turned up over the weekend, giving a combination of ½, 1 and 2 days of their time.

Wilverley points scheme.

Do you feel like you have now missed out? Did you know that you can get more than just satisfaction from helping at a working weekend? Did you know we have a reward scheme?

Helping at a Working weekend means you can earn point towards camping.

How does it work?  It’s simple, for every half day you volunteer on a working weekend you earn a point. Each point is equal to 1 person’s overnight camp on the field.  So if you come with 3 others or even send a family of 4 for a day to represent your group they can earn you 8 points.
These points can be saved, added together from other working party weekends and used when wanted.
When is the next weekend you can come and join the scheme? Well there are 3 weekends next year
February 22/23   July 5/6 September 27/28 and don’t forget you can have free use of the facilities overnight on the Saturday night. And lunch is provided on both days.

Group points so far –
9th – 21 points , 13th – 16 points  , 1st – 2 points , 11th – 1 point , Network – 4 points
We will see you there.

Laura Dyer,
Wilverley Committee Chair

Activities Training

Posted on Sunday, September 29th, 2013

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Posted on Saturday, September 28th, 2013


Get involved in H0014

Posted on Saturday, September 28th, 2013

Much of our programme of activities being delivered by specialists, the site team and external instructors. Therefore, we are mostly looking to recruit people to manage and undertake some of the roles that make the ‘behind the scenes’ run smoothly and make it a real ‘Jamboree’ atmosphere. I am looking after these functions, and am looking to recruit small teams in the following areas. I have already had some interest expressed in certain roles, but I wanted to make everyone aware of these opportunities. I also particularly wanted to contact District Commissioners, as you, your District Team and your Active Support Units may not be attending with a Section, but will have many of the skills we are looking for.

Support team functions:
– Car parking and traffic management
– Site support including toilets and showers, working alongside the campsite team
– Technical support for our stage, ceremonies and activities (power, light, sound, etc.)
– Staff catering
– Central services for leaders (enquiry point, phone charging, food shopping, etc)
– Gift shop and central services for all (including heritage displays, Scout shop, etc)
– Incident management (including first aid, risk assessment, safety advice)
– Communications (possibly camp newspaper, radio, photography)

We do not need huge teams – each Group should be reasonably self-sufficient and Buddens campsite is experienced at supporting large events. Many of the above roles do not require much input prior to the event, but I will be appointing a team leader for each area who can develop a plan for what preparation is required beforehand. (We already have some in place)

Can I ask you to please consider if you wish to play a part in the delivery of this event, and please forward this to people within your team who might have the time and skills to assist us but won’t be attending with their own Section. It might be, for example, that a District Team or an Active Support Unit wish to come as a small group and take responsibility for a particular function.

I am hoping to have the key roles completed before the end of the year, so your help would be much appreciated. I will attending our County Conference where we can have a face-to-face discussion if that helps.

I can be contacted via or on 07786 007711.

Best wishes

Tim Pike

From Colin

Posted on Thursday, September 19th, 2013

A very big thank you to Shaun Cassidy for an extremely well organised and successful Cub Survival camp. It was really great fun for me to pop bye and visit you all. It was encouraging to see all the groups attending this event and seeing the young people have such a great time. Thanks to the all The Leaders that made the camp happen and please pass on thanks to all the Parents who came along and helped you.

Well done to the Scout section for a successful Raft Race which on a lovely summer’s day was great fun. Thank you to Stuart Ganney ADC Scouts who helped and supported the 7th to go to the County Camp at Lyons Copse that proved to be a real success. It was also great to see the 25th Scouts at the camp ably overseen by the group’s young leaders.

Well done goes to the Beaver section for a successful Loggerhead competition. They had a great day at Wilverley.

Congratulations to Simon Pickering on gaining his Young Leader belt it is great to have these young people in our scouting. Well done and thank you to him and all our young leaders.

Well done to the 9th Shirley Warren who had a very successful 75th Birthday camp at Wilverley that was a great way to celebrate the history of this great group.
Well done and thank you to all the Leaders and Sarah Milstead for the first response training it is so important that we all keep our knowledge up to date.

Wilverley District Camp Site

A big thank you to everyone who came to the Wilverley Maintenance Weekend at the end of August. It was great to have such a good response from you all and we got such a lot done. Wilverley is now setting up a reward system for groups that help with Maintenance so you can still earn yourself points by coming out and doing some more of the jobs that we still have in hand.

The replacement generator project is on course to start very soon. With the plan of it being completed by the end of November. It will be great to just flick a switch!!


Jamboree 2015

Japan We had four of our scouts and explorers put themselves forward to go to the 2015 Jamboree in Japan. They are Owen Budd, Rozy Toomer, Abi Bacon, and Kieran Brackley. The selection weekend has taken place and we are now waiting to hear if any of them have been selected. We all have our fingers crossed.

Swimming Gala

The arrangements for the District Swimming Gala are in hand. It is being held on Saturday 23rd November at 5.30pm.

Further details to follow


District Web Site

Please rember to tell everyone about your good news, if you have been to camp recently or are planning a event SHOUT LOUD about it. The web site is a great way to promote our district and tell everyone how good we are. Everyone loves a good news story. Please send all your articles to Tony and Val Kench by the 25th of every month.

Grow your Own Scout Group, Offer the Big Adventure.


Have you now all got your vacancy boards up in the entrances of your HQ? If not I take it you have every post in your group filled!!

It is so important that we SHOUT Load about how we need to grow and offer Scouting to anyone who wishes to join. We can do that if we start now to recruit more adults and get them working in our groups. That could be in the uniformed leadership teams or just as importantly in the Group Exec Committees. The more the merrier!!

A big Thank You to the 1st – 2nd – 7th – 29th who came along to the first grow your own group meeting. These meetings are being run by Thelma our ADC group Support and it proved a good opportunity for those groups to reflect where they are and what the long term plan is to be for the group to grow. I would ask that all the other groups contact The 9th, 11th and 14th and the 26th have confirmed that they will be coming to a further meeting on 2nd Oct.

The remaining groups (we now who you are!!) must attend on the 17th October, please arrange that with Thelma it will save her chasing you. Don’t forget we need to ask anyone and everyone that you meet in your groups or outside scouting to get involved. Scouting has a job for most people.

On a final note: when I was a cub many years ago we used to play a game called Chinese whispers. That involved the cubs sitting in a circle and the leader whispered a short message to the first cub and then the cubs passed that message to the person on their right until everyone had been passed the message. It was great fun but I have to say the message that came out in the end was nothing like what was said at the beginning. Surely as Adults we don’t still play that game.

If anyone wishes to talk to me and clarify anything, I am always pleased for you to contact me by email or by phone or in person just ask away.

Yours in Scouting,
Colin Floyd, District Commissioner,

BSL Meeting

Posted on Tuesday, September 3rd, 2013

The Beaver, friends and family Christmas Wonderland at Paultons will be launched for this years visit. You will also have the chance to meet and discuss with other Leaders around the County.

Please join the County Team  on Saturday 7th September at 3rd Chandlers Ford Scout HQ, (at side of the Church) Kings Road, Chandlers Ford SO53 2EY at 10am -12noon. Tea, coffee and biscuits available before and during the meeting.

See you there

Valerie Kench


From our Badge Secretary

Posted on Sunday, September 1st, 2013

Just a couple of notices….

On the new order forms you will see that the postage costs have changed. This is in line with Royal Mails increases. You will now also have the option of choosing 1st class or 2nd class delivery depending on the urgency of your order. New prices come in to effect from 1st September 2013.

Beaver Leaders: The Beaver “Caring Challenge Badge” (Cupped Hands) is no longer available, however when I looked it up the syllabus is still online. Please be aware that if you do this badge I only have limited stock left so best to check first to avoid disappointment!

Just a reminder of the details for Badge Nights until December. Dates/Times are as follows:





Ways to order:

By Email:

Email me at:

(Inc Group Title, Section, Badge Names, Quantities, Postage required and Postal address)

Order will then be posted out with a 14 day to pay invoice

By Post:

Send me your completed order form to: 7, Westbourne Road, Portsmouth, Hants, PO2 7LB

Pre Order:

Order in advance by email or post and collect at the next Badge Night. Payment by Cash or Chq must be paid when collected.


Badge Night Drop In

I look forward to your orders


Order forms can be downloaded from here.