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Emlyn – Scouts show leaders how to camp

Posted on Monday, July 29th, 2013

Before the camp started the patrols had been hard at work. They had selected and prepared equipment ready for camp, planned a menu for the whole weekend and purchase the food and sundry items.  The Patrol Leader (or nominated Scout) had to ensure the menu was within budget, offered a balanced diet and would be enjoyed by the whole patrol.

From 6pm on the last Friday of June patrols arrived at Bragger’s Wood. Each drew lots to secure a site that would be their home for the next 69 hours. The patrols set up their camps to a lay out to their own design. There sites included a sleeping tent (or two), a dining shelter, a store tent, fire area and chopping area.

On Saturday the patrols were set the previously undisclosed tasks of cooking scones in a cardboard oven and making a map of the site. The 29th and 9th Cobras were notable by failing to produce a fire big enough to create a cardboard oven inferno.

The three course evening meal must be prepared using fresh ingredients and cooked on an alter fire. Earlier in the day Scouts had collected and prepared wood for the fire. The Scouts, lead by their Patrol Leaders demonstrated safe and skilful use of axe and saw.

As 6pm approached judges were selected to sampling the Scouts’ cooking. There is usually a joke here about these judges taking their lives in their hands. This joke is very much redundant. Eating the Scouts’ cooking is only dangerous if you tell Lin Gibson the Scouts’ cooking is nearly as good as hers.

This year had some impressive food including chicken stew, beef stews, lemon chicken and spaghetti bolognese. One patrol had forgotten to include a starter in its menu. Showing their inventive side the patrol produced a starter from the ingredient it had.

The evening ended with an Explorer Scout organised wide game in the campsite’s woodland.

Sunday started with a broad and inviting selection of breakfasts for the judges to score. This fuelled the patrols to demonstrate their navigation skills on a hike on the nearby moorland. It was a hot day and the patrols managed there water supplies to avoid dehydration. Only two teams left the prescribed route and the remainder got to all the waypoints in a timely manner.

Congratulations to all the Scouts that took part.  All had good working camps so with the addition of the other activities at Emlyn they have achieved the camping requirements for the Outdoor Challenge and the Patrol Leaders demonstrated the camping skills for the Outdoor Plus Challenge. Only the first aid sections left to do! These Challenges are hefty contributions to the Chief Scout Gold Award.

Thanks to Stuart and helpers for organising Emlyn, the judges, Lin Gibson for catering for the judges, the leaders, parents and other Scouts who helped prepare the patrols for the competition and most of all the competing patrols.

It is important to remember Emlyn is open to every patrol in the district or any teams, within the age constraints, a troop can enter.

Emlyn may not boast the headline grabbing activities other camps do but it develops team work and leadership and hones Scouting skills that make activity camp work. Most of the skills demonstrated and refined at Emlyn are key life skills and are as essential to a successful Queen’s Scout expedition as mountaincraft. Some of my best memories of as a member of a very active Scout troop were just being at camp with other Scouts. I know I am not alone in this thought. I believe failing to offer Scouts a place at Emlyn denies them a significant part of the Scouting experience.


Posted on Monday, July 29th, 2013

Nine bases; starting with storming the Bastille and planting the French flag on the ramparts.

The others on a French theme were: Following the route of the peasants march and finding treasure in the Chateau; Capturing the Scarlet Pimpernel; Painting a picture in the style of Mattise, Playing Petanque; Cooking Crepes; Building a Barricade; Making a Lego Eiffel Tower and meeting the “Montgolfier Brothers” with their hot air balloons.

As an extra, each Team made their own banner in the style of the revolutionary bands.

Grey Owls’ introduction to the Beavers was interrupted by the famous peasant “Les Miserable” but that didn’t stop the Beavers taking the idea on board and coming up with some great work.

After Lunch with hotdogs, provided by Lin of the Cub section, the afternoon sports session stared with a Penalty Shoot Out but Grey Owl soon realised that the exposure to the Sun was getting too much for the Beavers and the activities ended with them sitting on a water balloon, followed by a water fight in which everyone including Grey Owl, Les Miserable and the DC got wet.

The presentation was in the shade Paddys’ Place with each team holding their splendid Banners and balloons. First they let all the balloons fly. Then they all received certificates and their Adventure badge for taking part. They deserved them because had joined in with such enthusiasm and had done much good work. Well done to the team from the 2nd Colony who won the Trophy.

The day at Wilverley was shared with the Cub Section who were finishing their David’s Challenge Competition. There was great co-operation between the two Sections and  thanks go to Pat and her helpers for making it all possible.

My thanks must also go to the Beaver Section Leaders, the Explorer young leaders, Active support and all the parents that helped before the event and on the day. Hard work but good fun had by all.

Grey Owl

Brecon Beacons Trip

Posted on Monday, July 29th, 2013

Absolutely everyone had a fantastic time and the scouts were quite literally wow’ed by the scenery – watch the video on our website to see what I mean and to see what we got up to!


Scout Leader at the 14th

About Doreen

Posted on Monday, July 29th, 2013

For more than 40 years Doreen Old, who has died at the age of 91, was in the Scouting frontline. Thousands of city youngsters have benefited from her inspiring leadership. And her sterling service brought her the Movement’s highest accolades. Right to the end she was an active member of the Southampton West/City District and was a long standing member of the Active Support Movement.

St James Church, Shirley, Southampton was packed  when all sections of the city’s scouting fraternity paid their last respects and formed a guard of honour. Netley born Doreen’s links with the 11 th Southampton City Scout Group, now based in Kentish Road, Shirley, stretched back to 1971 where she was Akela of Woden Pack. Her other roles with the group included Group Scout Leader, treasurer and president. She was also a member of the District Fellowship/Active Support Unit for the Southampton West/City district and chaired the district sports committee. For her services to Scouting Doreen was awarded The Medal of Merit and The Silver Acorn (one of the highest awards in Scouting).

Her daughter Pat Rea followed in her mother’s Scouting footsteps and is Assistant District Commissioner for Cubs in Southampton City District formerly Southampton West. Like her mum she has been being working in the Cub Section for more than 40 years. Pat described her mum as an amazing lady who was always there to help others. She said: “She was always on hand to help when and where needed. “She thoroughly enjoyed working with the Cubs which is why when she had to retire as Akela she joined what was then Fellowship, now Active Support, so that she could continue to help out.”

After the funeral service a wide cross section of the Scouting community gathered at the 11th Southampton’s Kentish Road headquarters to share memories of Doreen. As well as a daughter and son, Doreen leaves two grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.

Duncan Eaton

From Colin

Posted on Monday, July 22nd, 2013

Congratulations and well done to Denise Clasby and Sarah Durham of the 11th Freemantle and Rob Greenaway of the 9thShirley Warren and Amy O Keefe of the 26th Swaythling and Clare Bandy of the 7th Basset and Paul Harvey of the 1stAldermoor for gaining their Leadership Training Wood badge.

Congratulations to JJ and Jake for gaining their D of E Bronze award well done to you both.

Well Done to Kris Partridge of the 11th and Kay Wilkinson of the 2nd for five years service. Congratulations to Lin Johnson for her 25 years service award. Lin will be retiring from her role as ADC Beavers at Christmas.

Well done to the 22nd Regents Park for the group’s 75th Birthday celebration. It was a lovely day which the Mayor and Mayoress thoroughly enjoyed.

District AGM

A big thank you to all of those that came along and supported the district team at this year’s District AGM it was lovely to see such a good attendance your support is greatly appreciated.

Congratulations to the 1st Aldermoor and the 13Th Sea Scouts Millbrook for jointly winning the Bert Cooke Trophy. At the AGM we looked back over the year and it was widely recognised that we have lots to be proud of in our scouting.

The focus for next year will be the continued growth of our scouting. At the group AGM’s we passed out a vacancy board to advertise your adult volunteer vacancies. Don’t forget a scout group has a job for everyone. Get everyone involved.
This picture is of the vacancy board at the 29th. Have you got your vacancy board up yet?

Grow your Own Scout Group, Offer the Big Adventure.

Scouting in Southampton needs to grow. We all now what the problem is it is a lack of volunteers. I have asked Thelma ADC Group Support to help you with getting your group bigger next year.

We will be organising a meeting with you soon to take this initiative forward. Lot’s are happening this coming year about recruitment of adults it is our main focus but we need you to help us with this as well you need to ask anyone and everyone that you meet in your groups or outside scouting to get involved. Scouting has a job for most people.

Get The Out In Scouting

I am really pleased to say that Ian Budd has now been appointed as our Assistant District Commissioner. His responsibility is to encourage and facilitate anything that involves ADVENTURE!!.

Far too often we organise district activities and competitions and you struggle to get a team to represent your group or the lack of interest is disappointing. Ian will be helping you all to get our young people out and about and really enjoy our scouting. Scouting is NOT just a one night a week commitment. To get the very best out of scouting our young people need to have an I want to do that kind of attitude.
Ian will be coming along and talking to you all about how we can get the OUT in SCOUTING.

District Team Structure


Jamboree 2015 – Japan

I am very pleased to say that we have four of our young people who have put their name forward to be considered for the 2015 Jamboree in Japan. They are Owen Budd, Rozy Toomer, Abi Bacon, Kieran Brackley. The selection weekend is to take place from 6 – 8 September at Fernycrofts.  I wish all of our candidates all the very best of luck they will all hopefully be given this wonderful opportunity they are all great scouts.

Wilverley District Camp Site

We have been talking to the Forestry Commission about renewing our license and we have now got permission to purchase and have installed a LPG generator at the site to replace the old Diesel genny. This will be far more efficient and much easier for you all to use. We estimate it will cost approximately 25K to have installed and we intend to have it fitted later this year. That shows very clearly the districts commitment to the site. The next Wilverley Working party will be taking place during the weekend of the 31st August and the 1st September. Please come along and help us that weekend.

This has been a very busy month for us all. I have been to the following events.

  • 2nd Shirley Joint Cub and Beaver Camp at Fernycroft
  • 26th Swaythling Cub Campers badge weekend at Ferny Croft
  • 13th Millbrook Summer Fayre
  • 11th Freemantle Cub Camp at Wilverley
  • 25th and 14th Joint Beaver and Cub Camp at Wilverley
  • Network camp at Wilverley
  • District Emlyn Competition at Braggers Wood {well done every one who participated and congratulations to the 1st Aldermoor for coming out as the district winning patrol)
  • Cubs David’s Challenge at Wilverley
  • The Race for Life in support of cancer research
  • Beaver Logger Head Competition at Wilverley

SUMMER IS HERE!! For those of you going to summer camps have a lovely time and please take care. I hope you all get a chance to take a rest from scouting and spend some time with you friends and families in August and I look forward to September when we do it all again.

Yours in Scouting

Colin Floyd, District Commissioner

Blessing of Lee Budd’s Memorial Canoes – Thursday 20th June 2013

Posted on Saturday, July 6th, 2013

A combined evening afloat at Priory Road Hard, St. Denys, started with the blessing of the canoes by the City District Chaplain Chris Davies. This was followed by the launch of the canoes for the first time. Our new GSL Paul Renouf performed this with a shower of Lee’s favourite tipple Spitfire Ale, on the bows. The canoes will ensure that Lee’s memory will live on through the next generations of the group who won’t have met him, but will know of the love and respect still held for him. We like to think that somewhere he was smiling at the fun being had by young people on an evening typical of hundreds like it managed by Lee over the years, although not always in such kind weather!

High 5 Appeal Cake Sale

Posted on Monday, July 1st, 2013

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Sponsored Hampshire to Herefordshire Challenge!

Posted on Monday, July 1st, 2013

I am completing a 120 mile, 5 day trek from Herefordshire to Hampshire, along with 2 friends to raise money for Diabetes UK and Cancer Research UK.

I have attached a poster with more details.
I would be extremely grateful if you would like to give something towards these two brilliant charities – no matter how much or how little, it all counts.

You can do it through or Text HHHH61 £5 to 70070 to sponsor me.

(you can change the text amount to either £1, £2, £5, £10, £20)

Many thanks for your support.

Yours in Scouting,

Mike Freeman

9th Southampton City Group Obstacle Course. Saturday 8th June

Posted on Monday, July 1st, 2013

Initial feedback shows as long as all the money on the sponsor forms comes in we will raise over £900 and may even break the magic £1000. The winner of the highest sponsorship amount was Cameron Newman with £110.50. He will be attending our August group camp for free as his prize.

Many happy faces after they had finished, we followed up with a family Barbeque. What a great way to spend a sunny Saturday afternoon in June.

We couldn’t have done it without our Great team of adults. Thanks to them all



9th Southampton City Group Obstacle Course. Saturday 8th June

Posted on Monday, July 1st, 2013

This event showed our group at its best, the three sections working together, the scouts each cheerfully mentoring a Beaver so they could have fun with the reassurance of the older one to both egg them on and support them if they were unsure. This is a great way for the younger kids to meet the older ones and should also help with the flow of young people from Colony to Pack and Pack to Troop.