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District AGM

Posted on Monday, June 17th, 2013

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From Colin

Posted on Sunday, June 16th, 2013

District AGM Followed by Barbeque


The City Scout District AGM is being held at the 29th Scout Group HQ 44 -50 Brickfield Road, Portswood, SO17 3AE on Thursday 4th July @ 7pm. Please do come along it is important that every group is present, I will be presenting the Bert Cooke Trophy to the group who has done well this year  so that may be your group so I will see you there!! Uniformed members, please wear uniform. 

Jamboree 2015 – Japan


All the details you need on how to apply to go to the Japan 2015 Jamboree our on the district web site. You will find an application form for you to complete and please provide two referees. You can also go to an information evening at the Itchen North Scout HQ Rampart Road on Sunday 30th June 2013 – at Southampton.

You will need to confirm that you are going to the road show by sending an email to Please state your name and district in the body of the message. They will then send you further details such as the time of the meeting.
If you decide to apply your application form will require my signature, please contact me and I will meet up with you and explain how we will help you fund raise for the camp and the financial support that the District will award you and talk more about the commitment you will need to give.

Grow your Own Scout Group, Offer the Big Adventure

Scouting in Southampton needs to grow. We all now what the problem is it is a lack of volunteers. I have asked Thelma ADC Group Support to help you with getting your group bigger next year. We will be organising a meeting with you soon to take this initiative forward.

To help you with this I have been presenting every group with a GROW YOUR OWN SCOUT GROUP resource box that has a great deal of resources to help you take forward your group and make it stronger and eventually grow to provide more scouting. Please make sure you ask to look inside the box don’t just stick it in a cupboard. We have also given the groups a vacancy board for you to put in your HQ main entrance. This is to be used by you to advertise any jobs that you need done. It could be you need a new GSL or it could be you just need help at a HQ maintenance day. Use those boards well I will be looking out to see what you are advertising.

We have also purchased some advertising banners and flags if you would like to borrow them for a promotional event please contact me.

I have now attended most of our group’s annual group meetings, these are being well attended by Parents and it is pleasing to see that a few Parents are stepping forward to join the supporting committees. Those is great, but please remember that they all need to be given a job it is no good if they just attend meetings and don’t feel they are contributing, please get them fully involved. Please remember that the recruitment of adults into your groups should happen 24/7 365 days a year not just at the AGM. We need lots more adults so keep asking and asking for help.

We will also this summer be attending a number of fairs and shouting load that we need more adults in our groups and it has proved that our web site is a great way of getting adults to come forward and offer to help us. Graham Mike and Lyn continue to do the magic with getting them cleared and working in our groups.

Lot’s are happening this coming year about recruitment of adults it is our main focus but we need you to help us with this as well you need to ask anyone and everyone that you meet in your groups or outside scouting to get involved. Scouting has a job for most people.

Wilverley District Camp Site

The Wilverley consultation is now closed; the conclusion was very clear, you have said you love the place and want to keep it. We are talking to the Forestry Commission about renewing our license and getting their permission to purchase and have supplied a LPG generator at the site to replace the old Diesel genny. This will be far more efficient and much easier for you all to use. We estimate it will cost approximately 20K to have installed and we intend to have it fitted later this year. That shows very clearly the districts commitment to the site.  Further details of the next camp site maintenance day are to follow.

Scout Badge Arrangements

Please remember that if you need any district badges and for all your badge requirements we now have a badge Secretary much more local to us. Itchen North badge secretary now holds badge nights at Rampart Road Bitterne, (just over Northam Bridge) on 2nd July @ 7pm to 8.30pm. Joanne Collins the new badge secretary will also send you badges if you call her on 07894 865276.

Yours in Scouting,

Colin Floyd, District Commissioner,

Mob Tel 07770364711 or

Captain Ketch

Posted on Saturday, June 8th, 2013

Also, attached is the “Captain Ketch Challenge” – a badge that has been designed by young people and adult volunteers to support our ambassador on his bike ride as well as give leaders a simple programme 🙂 it’s available for anyone who wants to complete it!  Any questions please ask, it’s coming out in HSN this month and will be going on the County website too.