Southampton City Scouts News


Posted on Tuesday, May 28th, 2013

Date: Sunday 2nd June 2013

Location: 29th Southampton City Scouts HQ, 44-50 Brickfield Road, SO17 3AE.

Training: Module 1 – Essentials and SafeGuarding

Registration: 08:45

Start: 09:00 prompt.

Finish: 10.30 am at the latest.


Training: Module 10 – First Response

Registration: 10:15

Start: 10:30.

Finish: 16.00 am at the latest.

Refreshments: breakfast provided; please bring a packed lunch.

Wear comfortable clothes.

First Response lasts for three years. You can find out more about it on the website.

Note – If you already have some other First Aid qualification, please let me know.


Feel free to attend either or both of these sessions. Please let me know if you are intending to come.

Best Regards,


Ian Budd – Raising Money for King’s College Hospital

Posted on Tuesday, May 28th, 2013

Last October, my dear Dad passed away but I have seen first-hand and taken great comfort from the life changing impact on other families because my Dad had chosen to donate his organs. My friend Steve also knows the value of transplants as his wife, Nicky, had a liver transplant in 2004 at Kings College Hospital. The following years have seen Steve raise much needed funds for Kings College Liver Unit, especially for money towards research into immusuppression and patient tolerance – basically the medical care after the transplant has taken place. With this vital research, doctors are trying to get patients off immune suppressant drugs whilst still keeping them alive and well as the drugs often have awful side effects.

Therefore, Steve, myself and some other fool-hardy friends are going to slug it out in the Lake District and felt that a normal triathlon needed spicing up a bit. We will be canoeing across Lake Windermere before getting on our bikes and cycling the two steepest roads in Britain – Hardknott Pass and Wrynose Pass. This will then get us to the base of England’s highest mountain where we will finish the day climbing it.

Those of you who know me know that I like my sport and also my hill walking but I am probably more built for the second row on a rugby field than slugging it up the two of the steepest hills in Britain before climbing the highest peak. However, in order to help thousands of people like Nicky and those patients saved by my Dad’s organs, I will be getting to the top of Scarfell Pike and I would be really grateful for any amount of support that you can give me.

Our donation site can be found here

Thank you in advance for your kind support

Ian Budd

From Colin

Posted on Tuesday, May 28th, 2013

They kayaked, climbed, walked, cycled and shot an arrow. It was a great adventurous weekend in splendid surroundings.

A big thank you to all the leaders that went along to provide the activities I am sure you all had a great time as well as me and a big well done to Ian Budd who organised and ran the event like clock work.

Congratulations and well done to Nick Owen of the 2nd Scouts for gaining his Leadership Training Wood badge.  Also congratulations to Jane Cook of the 11th Cubs for 20 year service award and Geoff Johnson and Sue Budd for 40 years Service.

I have now attended half of our group’s annual group meetings, these are being well attended by Parents and it is pleasing to see that a few Parents are stepping forward to join the supporting committees. That is great, but please remember that they all need to be given a job it is no good if they just attend meetings and don’t feel they are contributing, please get them fully involved. Please remember that the recruitment of adults into your groups should happen 24/7 365 days a year not just at the AGM. We need lots more adults so keep asking and asking for help.

To help you with this I have been presenting every group with a GROW YOUR OWN SCOUT GROUP resource box that has a great deal of resources to help you take forward your group and make it stronger and eventually grow to provide more scouting. Please make sure you ask to look inside the box don’t just stick it in a cupboard. We have also given the groups a vacancy board for you to put in your HQ main entrance. This is to be used by you to advertise any jobs that you need done. It could be you need a new GSL or it could be you just need help at a HQ maintenance day. Use those boards well I will be looking out to see what you are advertising.
We will also this summer be attending a number of fairs and shouting load that we need more adults in our groups and it has proved that our web site is a great way of getting adults to come forward and offer to help us. Graham continues to do his magic with getting them cleared and working in our groups.

Lot’s are happening this coming year about recruitment of adults it is our main focus but we need you to help us with this as well you need to ask anyone and everyone that you meet in your groups or outside scouting to get involved. Scouting has a job for most people.

District AGM

City District AGM is being held at the 29th Scout Group HQ 44 -50 Brickfield Road, Portswood, SO17 3AE on Thursday 4th July @ 7pm. Please do come along it is important that every group is present, I will be presenting the Bert Cooke Trophy to the group who has done well this year  so that may be your group so I will see you there!!


The Wilverley consultation is still open, if you have not yet given your views on the future of the site please do so. So far lots of you have said we love the place and want to keep it. To help us take that forward the site has a new Warden her name is Brenda and she lives 5 minutes away from the site. She will welcome the hirers to the site and help us to keep it tidy and well organised.  A very special welcome to Brenda and a big thank you to her for her offer of help.

Scout Badge Arrangements

Please remember that if you need any district badges and for all your badge requirements we now have a badge Secretary much more local to us. Itchen North badge secretary now holds badge nights at Rampart Road Bitterne, (just over Northam Bridge) on 16th April, 7th May, 11th June, 2nd July @ 7pm to 8.30pm. Joanne Collins the new badge secretary will also send you badges if you call her on 07894 865276.
I am away in Italy on holiday from Saturday 26th May to Sunday 2nd June inclusive so during that time if you have any queries please speak to Graham Meering who will help you.

Yours in Scouting,

Colin Floyd, District Commissioner,

Mob Tel 07770364711 or

District Archery

Posted on Tuesday, May 28th, 2013

Sunday 19th saw Southampton City District do, for the first time,  the Scout completion which took on much the same format as the Cub with the additional activities also being available throughout the day. This was attended by 14 scouts from 5 Troops.  shooting at the greater distance of 16 meters, 840 arrows were loosed.  Stuart Ganney (ADC Scouts) presented the team trophy for the first time to the 13th Sea Scouts with the individual gold medal going to Gregg Budd from the 13th, Silver going to Jake Casey of  the 13th and Bronze going to Zak also from the 13th.   A great day was had by all and the Scouts seem to feed back that they had a very enjoyed day. My thanks go to all those leaders that helped out on both days with the scoring.

Please remember that the District have all their own archery equipment and you can book this by contacting me by e-mail or by Tel: 07976810094. There are a number of HQs throughout the district which are suitable for shooting indoors and the 22nd now have an excellent outdoor range so try and make use of this during the summer months.

Shaun Cassidy
Archery Advisor

Our Trip To Australia

Posted on Tuesday, May 28th, 2013

When we arrived at our destination we had a quick snack and a drink then, led by the Leaders at the 1st we did the ‘Joey’ opening ceremony, this was followed by making ‘Didgeridoos’ and ‘Boomerang’ flying. We then had to make a quick return, hand back our special Beaver passports, go back through the tunnel and home.

All this was done in an hour and a half at the 1st HQ we never left the premises, all the Beavers and the leaders had a brilliant evening.

A Big thank you to Eve and her team at the 1st for organizing this.

Elaine (2nd)