From Colin

Posted on Sunday, March 31st, 2013

Well done to those that took part in the Cub and Scout six a side football competition and a big thank you to Ant and Graham for a very well organised and sportsman like competition.

For those of you that ran in the District Cross Country event a big thank you, it was dreadfully cold but great fun. Thanks to Carol and Mike for organising the event perhaps we could look at doing this event in the sunshine next year!!

St Georges Day Parade 21st April at 1.30pm at Kingsland Market Square

Get out those flags and clean the brass we are on parade. This year’s parade and service is being organised by Itchen South Scout district. I am told that we are having problems, the police are not willing to give us permission to parade down St Mary’s Street. As soon as we have that sorted we will inform you of the final arrangements.

Wye Valley Adventurous Activity Weekend 3rd to the 6th May 2013

The arrangements for Wye Valley are going very well, a big thank you to Ian Budd who is doing a grand job of getting everything well organised.

I would ask all Leaders to get the final payments to Ian as soon as possible please. Ian will be sending to you soon the permission to camp forms which we will need you to get filled in and returned to him before the event. All of the info we require such as parent contact info, health declaration, kit list, pick up and return info, home contact and size of bikes are all on the same form. It is great to see that we have so many more youngsters and adults booked to go on the weekend; it is always great fun and a great opportunity for us to meet up. See you there.


The wilverley consultation is still on going and if you have not yet given your views on the future of the site please do so. So far lots of you have said please keep the site for our district but I would urge you to also suggest ways in which we can take the site forward and continue to operate it to its present high standard well into the future. Please remember we are still looking for someone to act as the booking officer.


We have met up and talked to Piotr Czemiajew the scout leader of the polish scout group. We are discussing joint ways for us to scout together on occasions. Piotr is passionate about his scouting and I hope that this will be the start of us working much more together in the future.


The district census tells us that we have grown by 2.1% this year but we need to do much more if we are going to address the demand for scouting in Southampton over the coming few years.

So let us grow even more this year.

To help you with that we will be providing you soon with a “grow your own group“ resource box.  This will have a range of materials to help you invite many more new adults to join us in scouting. We just don’t need more adult leaders we need everyone. The main focus is on flexible volunteering with parents for them to give some of there time no matter how limited that may be.

It could be that parents would be willing to help the group supporters (group exec) the aim is to have at least two parent representatives from each of the three scout sections. That will enable the section leaders to concentrate much more of the delivery of the scout programme leaving all the other responsibilities to the supporting committee.

I would ask you to read a news article in the Sunday Express here which talks about how the Duchess of Cambridge volunteers for her local scout group and it also tells us how nationally scouting has 37,000 wannabe scouts. Southampton also has a substantial amount of young people that are eager to join us. Isn’t that sad.

Scout Badge Arrangements

Please remember that if you need any district badges and for all your badge requirements we now have a badge Secretary much more local to us. Itchen North badge secretary now holds badge nights at Rampart Road Bitterne, (just over Northam Bridge) on 16th April, 7th May, 11th June, 2nd July @ 7pm to 8.30pm. Joanne Collins the new badge secretary will also send you badges if you call her on 07894 865276.

Please don’t forget if you need to speak to me with anything your concerned about just give me a call and I am sure I can help you.

Yours in Scouting,

Colin Floyd, District Commissioner,

Mob Tel 07770364711 or 
Please visit our district web site: