From Colin

Posted on Tuesday, February 26th, 2013

Our group’s priority areas are:

1st – More parental and lay support on the group Exec and Strengthen the link processes between the sections.

2nd – More parental and lay support on the group Exec and Improved Exec fundraising.

7th – More Adult Leaders in all Sections especially the Beaver section, More parental and lay support on the group Exec

9th – More parental and lay support on the group Exec and recruitment of more young people especially for the Beaver section.

11th – More parental and lay support on the group Exec and the introduction of termly leaders meetings.

13th – More parental and lay support on the group Exec and to apply for gift aid financial support.

14th – To support sections more and provide group exec training.

22nd – More parental and lay support on the group Exec and to apply for gift aid financial support.

25th – To separate the leaders and group exec meetings so that the work can be managed better and to manage the “want to join” lists better.

26th – To fully establish the new beaver colony and to develop close links between all sections and more parental and lay support on the group exec.

29th – More parental and lay support on the group Exec and to recruit more adult leaders.

District – To fully support the groups with their development plans, and continually review the progress made and to have more non uniformed members on the District Exec.

Explorers – Better links with the Explorers and the district Exec and many more Explorer Leaders and to reopen the Atlantis Explorer Unit.

Active Support – More Members.

Having looked at the priorities from our group’s we have not surprisingly one common theme and that is to find more parental and lay support and more uniformed leaders.

To help you with that task we will be providing every group with a recruitment box of promotional material to help you. The main aim is to ask everyone that you come into contact with if they would consider helping our organisation. Scouting is open to everyone (subject to a CRB clearance) and we have a wide range of opportunities for everyone to get involved. It doesn’t have to be just in uniformed roles we need many more active group executive members to take the load off our uniformed leaders and let them concentrate on the young people and delivering the scout programme.

It could be someone who is a parent, ask them all to help, but also it could be your friends, work colleagues or just someone you talk to on the bus. EVERYONE is welcome. I challenge you all to find just one person new to get involved in your group. That would enable us to strengthen what we do and make life much easier for you all and we could then start to think more about the major challenge of meeting the increasing demand for scouting in our District.

Leader Adult Training

The adult training team has arranged a validation breakfast at the 13th Scout HQ Canford Close Millbrook on Saturday 9th March at 8.45am. If you would like to come along it would be great to get your training signed off and if your newly appointed to get cracking with your initial personal learning plan and initial training. For further details please either contact your training adviser or Nico Chant the Local Training Manager.


WE STILL HAVE A JOB VACANCY: We need a bookings officer to help us deal with the enquiries for the site and the finances. If you now of anyone who may be able to help us with this please give me a call.

If you have not completed the questionnaire on the district web site about the future of wilverley I would urge you to do it please. It is important to get a fair representation of the thoughts of everyone in the district. The key question is do you want us to keep the site or give it away!!

Wye Valley Adventurous Activity Weekend 3rd to the 6th May 2013

The arrangements for Wye Valley are well in place and we are taking bookings so I would urge your scouts explorers and network and young leader members to book #yourself a place at this wonderful event.An initial meeting has taken place for the Scout & Explorer Wye Valley activity weekend. All the details are on the district website.

Swimming Blue Card Certificates

We have the swimming test nights organised at Red Lodge Pool on the following evenings 27th Feb, 6th, 13th, 20th, 27th March. Please encourage all the Scouts and Explorers who are going to Wye Valley to go along and take the test.

Group and District Census Returns

You should have all completed this years census figures by now if not please get them submitted as soon as you can to Richard Cook District Exec Secretary can answer any queries you may have.

Scout Six a Side Football & District Cross Country Events

Don’t forget we have the Scout & Cub six a side football competition on Saturday 2nd March @ 9.30am at the Sports Centre.  It would be great to have every group enter a team.

We also have our Cross Country Event @ Sports Centre 10am on Sunday 10th March 2013 @ 10am.  Please tell everyone they can come for a run and have fun. Hopefully this year the weather will be kind for us!!

District Web Site

Please remember that you can forward all your good news stories as they happen throughout the month and then Tony will put them all together for a left hand shake publication at the end of the month. So please remember to get all your adverts and good news stories to Tony by the 25th of every month. We always need to shout loud about what we are doing.

Your GSL’s have a paper copy of the new 2013 district diary which is also in the member’s area on the district website.

Please don’t forget if you need to speak to me with anything your concerned about just give me a call and I am sure I can help you.

Yours in Scouting, Colin Floyd, District Commissioner,
Mob Tel 07770364711 or