1st Beavers Pretend Camp

Posted on Tuesday, January 29th, 2013

The Beavers found a slot inside our special tent & started telling stories, which was great fun.

After the stories, shoes were put on again and everyone went outside to do a ‘Keep Fit’ session with our Young leader Ben.

Everyone did really well with the ‘Keep Fit’ session, except the Leaders were exzausted and were gasping for breath
Time for food, everyone cleaned their hands ready to butter and spread Jam or chocolate on toast then, we all collected a mug of hot chocolate and added marsh mellows and a small piece of Flake chocolate.

Back inside the tent our Young Leader started singing campfire songs with us all, we all sat round a pretend camp fire made with red material fairy lights and real logs.

What a great evening we had, can we do it again the Beavers asked !……….. well i don’t know about that, but the next one we do it will be a real sleep-over.