Walk-A-Bout, Bond Style!

Posted on Thursday, November 29th, 2012

“The plans have been stolen by forces from an enemy country, who want to use the satellite to spy on our armed forces, and to steal other important technology secrets from companies around the world. They have stolen parts and instructions to make a working model of the satellite.”
“Your mission is to find and collect all the parts, and then build a model to deliver to the Ministry of Gadgets in London. You will follow a trail around many parts of the fort, outdoors and underground. You will need all your skill to find these parts. Some of the people you meet will have useful information or equipment, but you need to persuade them to hand them over. You may need to earn their trust, or exchange what they have for some vital job you can do for them.”
“We believe that the parts and instructions are hidden in 11 separate places. When you have found them all, bring them to the briefing room and assemble your complete satellite.”