Fly on the Wedding Cake

Posted on Saturday, November 3rd, 2012

“They Founded Atlantis”   : – Naomi had been invested into Ventures the year before (an amazing ceremony at Cape Cornwall) and then Atlantis Explorers started and Jason and Naomi came together. There is a photo at the first camp with them standing side by side.

Now, ten years on, and having spent a time in Network in which they have both achieved the Queen’s Scout Award, they are married. The Wedding took place at Freemantle Church on Saturday 20th October. The Church was full and there were many of their scouting friends in the congregation including one or two of the original Atlantis members.

OK Fly can’t do much of this formal stuff but he and Mrs Fly are very happy for them. Word has it that Naomi was so taken by Jason sticking his neck out, as the saying goes, that she had the wedding photo taken with a couple of Giraffes!


See the official photos here (including Giraffes)

– seeing as the editor has a special interest in the marriage, the last bit may not appear. On the other hand you might even get a photo!