District Swimming Gala

Posted on Monday, November 26th, 2012

Cubs under 91/2  (5 Packs competed.)
1st :29th  2nd: 2nd and 22nd  4th: 11th

Cubs over 91/2 (6 Packs completed)
1st: 14th  2nd:22nd  3rd:7th

Pack Trophy
1st: 14th 48 points  2nd: 22nd 44 points 3rd: 7th 33 points

Scouts (6 Troops completed)
1st: 13th  2nd:22nd  3rd :29th
Over 12:
1st:11th  2nd: 22nd  3rd:13th

Scout Trophy
1st:11th 63 points  2nd 13th 55 points 3rd :22nd 54 points

Group Trophy:
1st: 22nd 98 points 2nd:: 11th 85 points 3rd:2nd 66 points

1st Nemesis 2nd Endeavour

Sincere thanks to Graham, Ian, George, Pat and all other officials. Pat Davis, Carol, Daphne, Joan, George Gail, Patsy, Jane, Rose, the DC and all Leaders and helpers for a successful evening. Also not forgetting the Pool staffand anyone else who helped in any way.

With the sale of Programmes, £89 and a very successful draw, (with many thanks to the Groups for the excellent prizes) £143 and plaques donated £36 we were able to pass to the District £232.

Once again thank you to everybody.
Doreen Old (Chair Sports Committee)