Wessex Heartbeat

Posted on Monday, October 8th, 2012

At present young people with ongoing heart problems, on reaching the age of 16yrs are no longer treated on the childrens wards but are treated on adult wards. In practice this means that a patient aged 16yrs could be in a bed next to a person aged 80yrs. The aim of the appeal is to raise enough money to equip a ward specifically for young persons aged 16yrs to 24yrs including items to relieve the boredom of being regularly in hospital for long spells. You will see that young people will benefit from this ward. As an organisation for young people we in the Scout Movement are well placed to appreciate the importance of this appeal, and inevitably at some point in the future some of our young people could well need such care. Therefore during the coming year we would urge all groups to do what they can to support the cause. There are leaflets available and wrist bands for sale. If anyone wants supplies please contact me. Many Thanks.

George Longhurst.
On behalf of the District Team.