Grey Owl’s Report

Posted on Monday, October 1st, 2012

The term has started with a Fun Day at Ferny Crofts, with most of the activities run by the Ferny Crofts instructors. 60 Beavers attended from 6 different Colonies. The day was broken down into 4 one and a half hour sessions.

There was a session on the climbing wall which included the Beavers helping with the belaying.

Another group did backwoods cooking in the campfire circle. They learnt about fire and campfire safety and then cooked a twist, a rasher of bacon and finished with toasted marshmallows.

There was pond dipping and mini beast hunting in the woods, very popular.

The 4th session was spent with our own leaders utilising the adventure course and the site.

The weather was perfect and although we had use of the Sky High Conservatory we were able to spend the whole day outside. Seeing our Beaver Scouts sitting around on the field in the sunshine, eating their picnic lunch was a lovely sight. They looked so happy and were chattering and laughing with each other.

At the end of the day the Beaver Scouts said they had had a fantastic day and didn’t want to go home!!

Thanks to Gail for arranging this and to all the Leaders who helped give our children a super time.

The Christingle service will now be on Sunday 9th December at 3.30pm at St James Parish Church.