Fly goes to a Wedding

Posted on Monday, August 6th, 2012

David had been a member of the Seahawk Venture Unit of the 13th Group when they were in the old West District. They were an unruly bunch, a bit wayward at times but did some really good things. Above all they had a real friendship and loyalty to one-another and loved their Scouting. 6 members of the old Unit were there, two ex-leaders and some who were in the Unit before or after David and his friends. Naomi, Jason and “Bob” were around at the changeover to Explorer Scouting.

Keiron, now leader of Network, was Best Man and Harris and James were ushers. James and Gemma, who now live in Australia, had come all this way just

for the Wedding. The old friends from the Unit stood solidly together and worked hard, determined to make the occasion a success for David and his Bride.

This Picture includes 9 Queen’s Scouts


If anyone doubts the good things that Scouting brings about they should have witnessed this happy reunion of a group of old friends from 15 to 20 years ago.


David met Lynda on a Cycling Meet and it wasn’t that long before he moved his Tree Surgeon business down to Plymouth where Lynda is a teacher. After the Wedding they mounted a tandem and cycled off to the wild blue yonder.


I am sure that we all wish David and Lynda every happiness in their lives together on their Bicycle built for two.