Beaver Loggerheads

Posted on Saturday, July 21st, 2012

The theme of this year’s competition was events of the 60 years of the Reign of our Queen.

The day started with each team making a colony flag and a lunar space module, more on that later.

Now the competition began in earnest. There were 8 twenty minute bases for the teams to complete.

  1. Everest, the 1st ascent by a British team announced on Coronation day 1953. Each party of Beavers ascended the hill in the enclosure on a fixed rope with the help of Sherpa’s Chris and Mike, and planted their flag on the top.
  2. The Garden Party, this was in 2 parts, first they put up “The Marquee”, a dining shelter, and decorated it with Bunting.
  3. Then they all went to make and serve tea to The Queen, Gail, dressed in her finery with a crown.
  4. The Crown Jewels, seeking gem stones from the mine and making a necklace for the Queen.
  5. The Great Train Robbery of 1963, where they followed a trail of flags through the enclosure to find the stolen mail bags – watch out for the robbers, ably played by Claire and David.
  6. The Moon Landing in 1969, using their lunar module made earlier in the day and landing it on the moon, a giant exercise ball!
  7. The Channel Tunnel opened in 1994, tunnelling from both sides and meeting in the middle, then taking a train through and learning some French words.
  8. And finally designing and building a Lego (1958) castle for the Queen, thanks to Lee for his engineering help.

There was a break halfway through the activities for a Jubilee picnic lunch.
As all Beavers want to play football we finished the day with a 1966 World Cup penalty shootout.

Each base scored points, the flags and lunar modules were marked, and the goals scored all went to the total. The marks were on team work and results. All bases were completed by all of the teams and resulted in some very happy and tired Beaver Scouts at the end of the day.

A rare Jubilee event – IT HARDLY RAINED ALL DAY.

Quote of the day on a mobile phone: “I’m at a butchers shop can you tell me how to get to Wilverley?”          Answer “Ask the butcher”

They did and he drew a map for them and they arrived just in time for the start.


As usual it was a close run competition that was finally won by the team from the 29th Colony.

Well done to all the Beavers for their enthusiasm and my thanks to all leaders, helpers, parents and co-opted help from specialist members of other sections of the District, for making it happen and pulling the competition together.

Lin Johnson ADC Beaver Scouts