9th Troop Morrice Dancing

Posted on Saturday, July 7th, 2012

I enjoyed morris dancing because it was very amusing. We had to dance weird but it was great. 

I had a great experience learning how to morris dance and it was a good opportunity to earn my heritage badge.

I enjoyed the music and using the sticks. Some parts were hard and it was really  fun.

It was very complicated with lots of things to remember so we had to practise lots.

We were in groups of four. We embarrassed ourselves by skipping up and down the hall. It was fun though.

Morris dancing is about dancing with colours and sticks.

It was tiring and exhausting. 

We had to choose between a stick of horror or a hankie of Jake.

We got to clash sticks and do a move called bellies. 

We had to do various dances from different places in England that originated in the time of Henry VIII.