Hampshire Scouts Photographic Competition

Posted on Tuesday, June 12th, 2012

There will be a prize for each age group of entrants:
A.  Beavers or Cubs
B.  Scouts or Explorers
C.  Network or Adults

We have been donated 3 prizes (photo vouchers) to the value of £100 each by London Camera Exchange, Southampton – so what are you waiting for?

When submitting your photo’s please ensure that they:
Are adventurous and fun – we’re not after the posed certificate & uniform shot
Conform with POR, ie. All required safety equipment is worn in the photo
You have permission of any people in your photos to use them.
Are of a good quality

Submit your pictures on a CD/DVD/memory stick before 30th September 2012 for your chance to be in it to win it. Send your photos (marked Photo Comp 2012) to us at the County Office, Ferny Croft Scout Centre, Beaulieu Road, Brockenhurst, SO42 7QY.

Here are some technical tips for taking better, sharper pictures.

Be ready to take the perfect photograph

The opportunity for the perfect photograph happens when you least expect it. Keep the camera within easy reach. You may not have time to fiddle about with the settings so keep the camera set on its standard automatic mode. If using a special feature like macro, switch back to automatic before putting away.

Keep the camera steady

If the camera moves while the picture is being taken the photograph will appear blurry due to camera shake. This is not usually a problem on a bright day, but when the light dims the camera takes longer to capture enough light and this is when holding the camera steady becomes very important. The best way to hold a camera is with both hands with your elbows tucked in to your body for further support. If you have something to rest against, such as a tree, then use that for extra support.

Remember to focus

The camera analyses the image automatically to bring the subject of the photograph into sharp focus on the camera sensor. If the subject is not focused sharply then the image will be blurry. In bright conditions automatic focus works quickly and accurately. In poor light it will take longer to find focus and can make mistakes, resulting in an out-of-focus picture. To help avoid this, ensure the camera has a good focus before taking the picture. On a phone, take extra time and look at the screen to make sure before shooting. On a camera, press the shutter button part way to focus. The camera will beep when it thinks it’s ready. Keep the camera steady and framed on your subject, look at the rear screen and it will usually indicate what area of the image it has in focus. Check the correct part of the image looks sharp and take the picture, otherwise restart the process.

Use a flash

If you are taking a picture of somebody against a bright background your subject may appear dark. Switch the flash on manually to provide extra light on your subject.

Competition Rules

  1. You must own the photo and ensure that you have access to photo permission forms for everyone in the photo. (You do not need to send them).
  2. Entrants may submit more than one photo but no more than twenty. Where more than twenty photos are submitted only the first twenty will be entered into the competition. Disc’s and memory stick will not be returned.
  3. By submitting your photograph you give permission for it to be used by Hampshire County Scouts for scouting purposes. This includes but is not limited to: promotional material, the annual report, the county website, press releases to the media and displayed.
  4. Images may be digitally enhanced to remove spots or scratches, but not manipulated. Entrants can enhance the picture to make it brighter, clearer etc, but not manipulate the content. The judges reserve the right to exclude any image they believe may have been excessively treated so as to alter its authenticity.
  5. All entries will be judged by a panel of judges. Their decision is final. The prizes for best photos are as stated and cannot be transferred or exchanged.
  6. All entries should be labelled with the authors name, age group and Scout Group/District/County role.  If you are entering in group 3 (adults) then please include your membership number as well.
  7. Have fun!

Check List:
Have you included your name, scout group and age group? Please specify which category you belong to A, B or C.
Please include an e-mail address so that we can acknowledge receipt of your entry.
The images are of a manageable size – large enough to be of good quality but not so large they take hours to open!  Recommended size no larger than 6-8MB