Queens Jubilee Badge

Posted on Monday, February 27th, 2012

During the afternoon all Beavers, Cubs and two thirds of the Scouts attend the 29th Scout HQ for this event. They were put into small groups made up of all three Section members and a Leader.

The task was to make Sky Lanterns, which also fitted in with the Chinese New Year and could be used as part of their badge work.

After I had done my Blue Peter of here’s one I made earlier, they were off building and sticking. They could each add their own design on the side, and could divide all the jobs required between them.

mini-29th_1.jpgThe Lanterns were made from fire proof newspaper, which was sprayed before hand, Bamboo around the base with two small birthday candles attached. (See photo below)



mini-29th_2.jpgThis was also a good opportunity for the young people to talk and meet each other from other Sections, as well as the Leaders of their next Section. It was also easy for me as GSL to introduce my new Leaders to the other Leaders who do not work in their Section.

While we waited for the glue to dry, we all joined in playing games from each Section (Scout ones also being Beaver friendly!)

Towards the end, before we launched, we waited for the parents to watch with us. There was no wind and a clear sky for the lanterns to enter.

With the aid of a hair dryer to create warm air and to inflate them, we were ready to launch. Of course with added pressure from the children counting Andy and Nat down to release!

mini-29th_3.jpgSky Lantern Air Born

mini-29th_4.jpgMy thanks go to my fellow Leaders of the 29th for giving up their Sunday afternoon, and hopefully they enjoyed themselves, as much as our young members did.

Russell 29th GSL.