Cub Corner

Posted on Wednesday, February 1st, 2012

We also said goodbye to Carol Gilbert, CSL at the 1st, as she was moving from Southampton to be closer to her family in Manchester.  Carol had been at the 1st for many years from the time her sons started but carrying on once they had left.  Thanks to Eve and her band of helpers for the delicious spread that was put on for Carol’s ‘leaving’ tea (thanks also for giving up your Christmas cake!)  Once settled I know Carol will again become involved in Scouting ‘up North’.    

The Cub Section held their annual Carol Service at Avenue St Andrews Church back in December which was a very lively service organised and run by Laura, Cub Leader at the 13th, together with Chris Davis, our District Chaplain, and with assistance from two Young Leaders, Aaron and Steven and four Cub Leaders (who I think in their own best interests shall remain nameless).  Instead of Packs donating food hampers for use by SCRATCH, Cubs and Leaders were requested to donate toys for the Christmas Complete appeal run by SCRATCH which means that every child in Southampton whose parents are not in a position to buy Christmas presents, would have a present to open on Christmas morning. The response was phenomenal, there was a mountain of toys around the Christmas Tree and it really made you feel quite humble but also that the spirit of Christmas was alive. The Cubs really fulfilled their ‘helping other people’ part of their Promise.  The evening was rounded off by games and food for the Cubs in the hall (okay so I’m no good at maths not knowing what number comes between 1st and 7th or maybe that Pack was so quiet I didn’t realise they were there – no I don’t think so either!)  Parents who stayed were able to have a cup of tea and biscuit by making a donation. The monies collected will go to SCRATCH as the District’s chosen charity for the year.  Definitely a successful evening and my thanks to all those who made it possible – it was nice to be able to be part of the congregation and enjoy the service.

January is generally an ‘easing back’ month so apart from meetings, no events were held but February sees us holding our annual Chess competition where two Cubs in the age groups of Under 9½ and Over 9½ compete to produce a winner in each age Group.  Usually the two winning Cubs go forward to represent the District at a County event but a County event is not being held this year.  Details of our District Chess competition will be sent to Leaders.

In March the Section will be holding their 6-a-side football competition and Ant, who has once again kindly agreed to organise this event, will be sending details to Leaders after the half term break.
Of course with District Camp being held in May everyone is starting to gear themselves up and start preparations for that.  Patsy and I were at a Pack presenting a Silver award where letters were being given out regarding District Camp, having previously also been sent by email.  One young Cub didn’t receive a letter – the reason?  His parent had already downloaded the form and sent it back that night with his deposit!  How’s that for keenness!

Patsy and I continue to attend Packs to present Silver Awards (I’ve just recently sent in the names to County Office of our last batch of awardees for inclusion in their next County Roll of Honour so watch that space) and are delighted to be asked to do so, so…keep the invites rolling in.

Until next time.

Pat Rea