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Well done Luke

Posted on Monday, February 27th, 2012


Luke was asked what he enjoyed about his time in Beavers. He replied -‘my favourite things were:- getting invested, going on trips, playing games and earning my badges, my favourite badge was my Animal Friend.’
Eve Willett
1st BSL

Queens Jubilee Badge

Posted on Monday, February 27th, 2012

During the afternoon all Beavers, Cubs and two thirds of the Scouts attend the 29th Scout HQ for this event. They were put into small groups made up of all three Section members and a Leader.

The task was to make Sky Lanterns, which also fitted in with the Chinese New Year and could be used as part of their badge work.

After I had done my Blue Peter of here’s one I made earlier, they were off building and sticking. They could each add their own design on the side, and could divide all the jobs required between them.

mini-29th_1.jpgThe Lanterns were made from fire proof newspaper, which was sprayed before hand, Bamboo around the base with two small birthday candles attached. (See photo below)



mini-29th_2.jpgThis was also a good opportunity for the young people to talk and meet each other from other Sections, as well as the Leaders of their next Section. It was also easy for me as GSL to introduce my new Leaders to the other Leaders who do not work in their Section.

While we waited for the glue to dry, we all joined in playing games from each Section (Scout ones also being Beaver friendly!)

Towards the end, before we launched, we waited for the parents to watch with us. There was no wind and a clear sky for the lanterns to enter.

With the aid of a hair dryer to create warm air and to inflate them, we were ready to launch. Of course with added pressure from the children counting Andy and Nat down to release!

mini-29th_3.jpgSky Lantern Air Born

mini-29th_4.jpgMy thanks go to my fellow Leaders of the 29th for giving up their Sunday afternoon, and hopefully they enjoyed themselves, as much as our young members did.

Russell 29th GSL.

Activity Badge Weekend

Posted on Monday, February 27th, 2012

This has been a great example of Leaders with special skills from different Groups working together, to benefit all Groups in the District.  Better still, they have all offered to run the sessions again later in the year, since both days were full with waiting lists.  Thanks to all the adults who helped to run the days, including Kate, Russell, Jonathan, Dave, Sarah and Andy.

Scouts from the 11th working on the Safety Light gadget.

Fly On The Wall

Posted on Monday, February 27th, 2012

When I first came to Southampton in 1958 I became an Assistant Scoutmaster in Central District. Shortly afterwards I was asked to help on a Venturer Badge activity at Chorley Lodge. The badge was part of the Queen’s Scout Award which at that time was for the Senior Scouts. I cycled out to Chorley with everything I needed for my base in a rucksack. At that time it was still little more than an abandoned RAF hut with few facilities. Boyd Wallace a legendary DC of West was cooking a large bacon rasher on a primus stove with the aid of a very large sheath knife (a lasting memory).

Chorley Lodge became a well known venue in the New Forest for Scouting and other young people for 40 years. For all that time one person undertook the responsibility of the booking and administration her name was Dorrie Heather. She was, until recently, a member of our Scout District with her husband Fred. They were both very much concerned with running the 8th Scout Group who were in fact the owners of Chorley Lodge throughout that time.

It was almost impossible to talk of one without mentioning the other Their support and enthusiasm brought much to Scouting in West District over many years. Fred in fact was the driving force behind the creation of our Canoe Club. Sadly Dorrie died early in the New Year. Her funeral service was very moving and was very well attended by many who had been in scouting including Scouts and Senior Scouts of many years ago.

Fred has our sympathy for the loss of someone who has been very dear to him. We should love and honour them both for the large part of their lives they have given in service to Scouting.

“Fly” (aka Geoff Johnson)

Grey Owl’s Report

Posted on Monday, February 27th, 2012

We had a BLC on 30th January to discuss the programme for 2012. Lots to look forward to: especially District Camp and the sleepover, which should be a great event with the Beaver Scouts joining in with their Group and finding out what Scouting has in store for them in the future! Also discussed were the need to keep both First Response and Safeguarding up to date.

At the beginning of February, 6.30pm, there was a ring at my doorbell and I was confronted with the 9th Colony on a night hike. 15 happy and excited faces’ and that included the Leaders, well wrapped up in woolly hats and gloves and shining their torches all around. Luckily Grey Owl had had a whisper this may happen and was able to send them on their way with a bag of sweets!!

Founders Day at Highfield Church was a good evening and although there were not many Beaver Scouts I think most Colonies were represented. Thank you to all those who attended the service. To me the highlight of the evening was the presentation of a certificate and well done badge to Luke D’Bell of the 1st Colony who has managed to attain every badge possible for a Beaver Scout. Luke counted all the badges on his uniform and the total was 33!!

All that remains for me to say is welcome to all new leaders young and not so young and thank you for giving your time.

Lin Johnson, ADC Beaver Scouts

From Colin

Posted on Sunday, February 26th, 2012 

The web site is now being well used by a substantial amount of our Leaders in the District. The site has also encouraged a number of adults to come forward and offer us some help as a leader.

It is doing what we intended and that is to SHOUT LOUD how good we are in Southampton City. When you hold any event in the future please take a photo and write a few words so we can put this on the web site. If you have any children that cannot have their photo taken please make sure they are not in the picture.

We are working on improving the District Diary in the Member’s area so keep your eye out for those developments.

We would also encourage Groups to use the launch of our District web site as a pointer to reviewing your own Group web sites. It is important that web site information is up to date and live. We would also ask that you send us some Group promotional material so we can develop your pages on the site. We have set up an introductory page but it would be good to develop this more fully.

The Southampton City District Camp

The planning for the District Camp continues and we hope that you are all busy planning your on site activities.  It would be great if we all had lots for the young people to do.

We want this camp to be a huge success for everyone from Beavers to Leaders. That is a huge objective but I am sure we can do it.

For those children wishing to go canoeing at the camp they will need to make sure that they have a District Swimming Certificate. (blue card) If a child does not have a blue card they still have a opportunity to go to Red lodge swimming pool on a Wednesday evening and take the required swimming test. Many thanks to Laura Dyer and Rex Budd for making sure these test evenings continue in Lee Budd’s absence.
If you have any queries regarding the camp could you please either speak to me George or Mike or the following section representatives. Beavers – Lin Johnson. Cubs – Patsy Osborne – Scouts – Andy Clasby – Explorers and Young Leaders and Network – Dave Bowers.

Adult Leader Reviews

Some Adult Leaders are due a review and you may be asked by your GSL or line manager for you to meet with them. Can I remind those GSL that these must be done by the middle of March please.

Leader Training

We have increased the amount of Training Advisers that we have in the District and over the next few months we will be having a big push. Those of you that generally need help you get your Training organised will have a opportunity to attend a Training Breakfast at the 29th HQ on Saturday 3rd March at 8.30am. It will be good to see you.

Those of you that do not have a Training Adviser will be assigned one very soon.


It has now been decided that we will continue to use the same vehicle route via the Wilverley Inclosure car park. We are talking to the forestry about improving the signage to the site so that parents don’t get so lost!!

We continue to raise funds for the electrical supply to the buildings and have been awarded two grants totalling to £2,000 to help us meet our fund raising target.

Group RAG reviews

Veronica Radford, the District Chair, and I have now met with three Groups to help them establish their Group Development Plans. This is a great way of looking at what works well in your Group and forward planning how we could develop and improve our Scouting. Those Groups that have not come back to me with an appointment for us to meet with you please do so. We would like to meet with all the groups before the District AGM at the end of June.

Scout Group HQ Leases

We have held another meeting with the City Council and our fellow Southampton Scout Districts to agree a generic Scout HQ lease which will offer us some long term commitment to scouting in recognition for what we offer the cities young people. Once those leases are concluded we will be presenting them to groups and asking for each group’s approval.

This month has been busy with lots happening!!

Sarah Milstead and I visited St Johns School to attend the school assembly to find us some more Beavers and Cubs for the 25th Sea Scout Group. This was a great success and a very worthwhile exercise. If any other Groups would like me to organise a similar event at your local school please get in touch and I would be pleased to help you.

I had a lovely day joining the Explorers on a Monopoly Run around London. It was a great day and greatly enjoyed by the Explorers and myself. Thanks go to Darren Russell for organising this event.

I attended the County Cluster meeting and from this I would remind everyone that Scouting and Guiding are supposed to join forces to organise an activity to benefit the community. Please start to think how you will do this. If you want to make contact with your local Guide Unit but are not sure how to do that please speak with Sarah Milstead who I am sure will be able to help you.

I visited the 11th Scout Group who were holding a Group camp at Ferny Croft. The £1,000 that was awarded to the Group funded the majority of the cost of this camp. What a super use of that money. That reminds me that those Groups who have not decided how to spend their award please do so before the 2012 District AGM as we will need to report how those awards have benefited Groups.

I also visited the 25th Cubs who were holding a weekend at Foxlease Guide Activity Headquarters. They hired The Barn which is super indoor dormitory accommodation. I would recommend it to you. They were having a great time.

Finally, thank you to everyone who attended the Founders Day Service at Highfield Church. Thanks go to Chris Davis our District Chaplain and to Russell Andrews and the 29th Scouts for helping us with the service. I thoroughly enjoyed the event.

Please don’t forget if you need to speak to me with anything your concerned about just give me a call and I am sure I can help you.

Mob Tel 07770364711 or

Yours in Scouting

Colin Floyd
District Commissioner
Southampton City Scout District

11th Beavers Day Out

Posted on Saturday, February 25th, 2012

It was a full day out, 9am – 7pm, with the twelve Beavers who made the most of it. There were activities organised for the Beavers throughout the day, including climbing, a scavenger hunt, cake baking and decorating, t-shirt designs and an indoor campfire due to the weather.

The activities were marvellous and we would like to thank the Cub and Scout Leaders for organising the day and providing us with lunch and dinner.

Below you can see what damage Beavers can do to trees!

Robin (Denise)



Posted on Saturday, February 11th, 2012

Southampton City District
Founders Day Parade
Highfield Church
Highfield Lane
SO17 1RL

Friday 24th February 2012
Assembly: Meet at 6.15 pm

We would like a full attendance at this year’s parade. Please make sure that you are smart and in full uniform.

All parents, friends and families are invited to attend.

Young Leader Belts

Posted on Wednesday, February 1st, 2012


Aaron and Steven, working together managed to run indoor activities with the Cubs, planned and ran a cycling camp, as well as the other clauses above.  They have also been active members of the Young Leader Unit, leaving Cubs to rush across Southampton once a month to attend Young Leader training, and more recently, helping me to run the training programme.

We were pleased to welcome a good number of Leaders from the 13th Scout Group and Southampton City District to congratulate them both, as well as the new Assistant County Commissioner (Young Leader Training), who added her congratulations for the awards.

We look forward to welcoming them both to Adult Roles in Scouting as they turn 18.

Iain Redmill – Explorer Scout Leader (Young Leaders); Southampton City District Scout Council

Scout Soapbox

Posted on Wednesday, February 1st, 2012

In February we will again be running the Patrol Leader Training weekend.  It will be a bit different this year as we are trying some new ideas for the training, but please think who in your Troops you would like to send on this training to learn skills in both practical areas and in the mystery of “how to lead other people”.

At the end of March we are running a hill-walking weekend for Scouts in the Brecon Beacons.  I will be sending out details to Troops soon so you can promote this to keen outdoor Scouts in your Troops.  All of these three events are coming together thanks to the unselfish offers of time from Leaders across the District, using their time and skills to benefit Scouts from all Troops.  This is what makes the District work well, so thanks to all who are volunteering to make them happen.

Finally, I am sure that all Leaders are making plans for their activities at District Camp (when of course it will no longer be cold).  I am very keen that between us we should put on the best set of activities we possibly can so that the Scouts will have a brilliant time and enjoy the whole event.  If you need some help from the District in making your activities the best they can be – call your ADC today and let’s see how we can work together to do it.

Looking forward to getting “out there” and enjoying this new year of Scouting,